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    Very basic help with cuepoints – Flash8 – AS2

      I have seen many posts about using AS with quepoints in FLV but I am sorry to say that all are over my head. I have a basic understanding of AS.

      Challenge: Want to put a cue point at the end of an flv that will run AS to go to another level that will load another FLV.

      This is what I am doing.
      In the Parameters tab of the FLV and clink on the cuepoints line.
      This brings up the Flash Video Cue Points window.
      I click to add a cue point. Tell it the location. And the type is ActionScript.
      Now, on the right side I add a parameter for this cuepoint.
      The default name is name_0. Can I use that?
      I do not understand what I need to put in for a value. How do I get this quepoint to launch the above AS when the timeline hit this point in the FLV?

      I am reading about object listeners but do not know where to put that code.

      Sorry so basic but I am really lost here. Thanks for your help!!!!