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    Add multiple repeating subforms based on radio button


      I have a form with a hierarchy like this:

      I do not want the Action or Recommendation visible until a radio button on the survey selecting yes is performed. Multiple Recommendations can be added by clicking an "Add" button. Everytime a recommendaton is added, a summary table is also added in the "Action" subform. This is, so far, working.

      My problem is that the user then has the ability to add another instance of the Survey and once again can select the radio button for yes with more Actions and Recommendations. What I cannot get it do is keep the Actions from the first Survey and start adding the additional ones from the new Survey Recommendations.

      I have tried hiding the Action subform until the radio button yes is selected and I have tried setting the instance to 1 when it is selected. But nothing I've tried is working correctly. It either won't added the recommendations from the second survey or resets the Actions back to 1.

      Would a better solution possibly be to have all of the actions compile in a table at invisibly at the end of the form after all the instances have been done? I really wanted them to appear as a sort of summary at the beginning?

      Please, any help!!!