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    simple newbie question about layers


      hi. this is a simple newbie question. I downloaded some free templates flash templates. they come with the flv files and an index. anyways, wheni load it into "flash" cs6, i know how to play it, and how to see the text that i want to change. so i found it in the layers, and i changed the text........ but when ever i save it over the file with the same name, NOTHING CHANGES.....................  i keep getting this problem......... i just want to change the text of websites.... of free templates........ also.......... to change images.......... i dont know if i go to the right and click images? or find them in the layers...................... it seems like layers really suck right now.............

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          THe text you are trying to change might be dynamically added to the file using code.  So you should look to see if any code int the file is assigning text to textfields.  Also check any txt or xml files that the templates might have come with.  I doubt layers has anything to do with your problems.


          One bit of advice... always keep a copy of the orginal file.

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            kaliboy277 Level 1

            i already checked all that out. Basically here is a screen shot........... step by step. something is wrong here. nothing changes when i save the file the FLV file.ss1.jpgss2.jpgss3.jpg

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You shouldn't be saving an flv file.  Your images don't really show anything that might help solve your problem.  Those appear to be dynamic TextFields based on seeing the dotted outlines, so chances are some code somewhere is assigning text to them.  Where you might find that code can depend on which version of Actionscript your file uses.  If it is AS3, then the code will be found ina timeline somewhere.  If it is an AS2 file, the code could be in the timeline or it could be attached to objects.


              Since you started another posting for this rather than sticking with this one only, I probably won't be trying to offer much more help.


              If you are new to using Flash, it is way too early for you to be blaming the tool, which you seem to be doing in both posts..