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    Reinstalling Fireworks MX 2004 broken


      I spent over one hour on the phone with Adobe giving each new person I talked to the same information and they finally kicked me out to you folks as my last hope.
      I have a copy of Fireworks MX 2004 purchased from Macromedia before they were taken over by Adobe. It has been all I need for graphics editing since the day I bought it and I have no real desire to upgrade or buy another product. However, when I try to install it on my new computer, it refuses to accept my serial number.
      I called Customer Support, who transferred me to Activation Support who transferred me to Technical Support who transferred me to Customer Support who transferred me to Technical Support. The last one said the only solution was the forums.
      However, the first person I talked to in technical support told me that customer service could give me an email link to a "license cleaner" utility that I needed to run. Everyone I talked to after that denied any knowledge of such a utility.
      Did I mention I had to give people my name, user ID and serial number every single time I was transferred? And none of the reps had any record of who I had already talked to?
      I have already looked in the registry to see if there is someplace I can enter the serial number by hand, but no luck. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app.
      When I get to the screen in install where they want me to enter the serial number, I enter it and a red X appears at the end of the four boxes and I am unable to move forward.
      So, does anyone out there know how I get around this problem?