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    root certificate is not getting trusted


      Hi All,


      I got a Digital signature certificate from on of the certifying authority. Im using the adobe reader V 7.0.8. We have an ePDF signer which will generate the Form 16 for our employees by digitally siging on the document.


      However once the form 16 is generated with sigitally signed, when we open the PDF document, siginature field will show as invalid signature. So, we went to signature properties > legal > trust > add to trust identies > to trust the certificate. After doing all these steps when we click on the verify the signature again it is showing as invalid siganture.


      I googled with the same error all suggestion hat they are providing is to trust the certificate which i have already done.


      Basically the certificate contains three trust chain, in that the very first certificate will show with the cuation symbol.


      If I open the docmunent using the adobe reader 10X, the certificate is getting validated and I able to see it as signature valid.


      Is the trust chain validation will depend upon the adobe reader version. Please suggest......


      For refrence please find attachment for the error.


      With regrads


      Keshava Nerror.JPG