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    Photoshop CS6 - Very Slow Brush Speeds...




      I thought CS5 was bad, but brushing with CS6 all brush strokes are very, very slow. If I make a brush stoke I have literally have to put my hand on my chin and wait for the brush to catch up. I cannot work like this. Any suggestions on what to do to speed up the brushes? Forget about adding anything else to Photoshop, please work on speeding up exisiting functions.


      Photoshop CS6, 13x 64Bit


      Thank you, Glenn


      Model Name:Mac Pro
        Model Identifier:MacPro3,1
        Processor Name:Quad-Core Intel Xeon
        Processor Speed:2.8 GHz
        Number Of Processors:2
        Total Number Of Cores:8
        L2 Cache (per processor):12 MB
        Memory:10 GB
        Bus Speed:1.6 GHz
        Boot ROM Version:MP31.006C.B05

      ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT:


        Chipset Model:    ATI Radeon HD 2600

        Type:    GPU

        Bus:    PCIe

        Slot:    Slot-1

        PCIe Lane Width:    x16

        VRAM (Total):    256 MB

        Vendor:    ATI (0x1002)

        Device ID:    0x9588

        Revision ID:    0x0000

        ROM Revision:    113-B1480A-252

        EFI Driver Version:    01.00.252



        Resolution:    2560 x 1600

        Pixel Depth:    32-Bit Color (ARGB8888)

        Display Serial Number:    HVWS200046 

        Main Display:    Yes

        Mirror:    Off

        Online:    Yes

        Rotation:    Supported

      Display Connector:

        Status:    No Display Connected