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    Help. Very stupid problem with word files placement.


      As u can see i'm total newbie to Indesign. I dont know how but I cannot place text imported from Word in my project. Weird thing that if I create new document it works. However in that project i already made many styles and stuff so I dont want to start from scratch so the question is:


      Is there some option "I Accidentally the whole project" and is there anyway to repair it. [Or maybe export styles and master pages to another document?]


      The problem with word text placement says that text is too big (the red cross).


      Indesign CS6 30 day trial.


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          The red plus sign means "overset text" which is just a fancy way of sayin there is more than will fit in the frame. There are a lot of potential reasons for this, but to tell you waht is going on in the current document we need to know a few more details.


          Do you expect the Word doc to fill more than one frame? Is the frame into which you've tried to place text now full?


          You can import styles from one document to another by going to the file where you want to import them, the go to either the Character Styles or Paragraph Styles panel and from the panel flyout menu choose either load the style type that matches the panel or Load ALL Text styles to do both at once. Pick the file in the open dialog that will pop up that has the styles you want to use. That said, the problem may actually be style related, so it would be better to figure out what you did than to recreate the same situation.

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            Niebieski_Mak Level 1

            The frames remain empty. When I try to link frames overtext simpy jumps to the other frame like copy and paste while the frame where I orginally started placement is empty. I tried to import without styles with no result (hovever how u guessed I would like to leave styles from word doc). Pasting works. Oh there are footnotes in doc. Also earlier I made 2 documents like that already and I simply don't get why it suddenly stopped working like it should.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)



              There are a number of possibilities for what causes text to immediately become overset. It's usually a problem with a restiction youove added that makes a line too wide to fit in the frame (though it can also happen if you've got a "keep option" set that requires the text to remain together and there is inusfficient space to hold all the lines, or that requires the text to start on an odd or even page and the one you have is wrong).


              The most common cause is probably the mis-application of the No Break attribute. New users sometimes mistake this for the way to turn off hyphenation, but in fact it prevents any text to which it is applied from breaking even between words. Next most common, I suspect, is a long text string with non-breaking spaces between words (I see a lot of this in Word docs), and not allowing hyphenation, so again, there is no place to break.


              I've also seen cases where the format for the text calls for a very large font size that makes it impossible to fit the text, or where left or right indents, either in the paragraph style, local formatting override, or text frame options, are too large to allow the text to fit.


              The easiest way to find out, in my opinion, is to select the frame, then go to Edit > Edit in Story Editor so you can see and select the text and check for these things.

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                Niebieski_Mak Level 1

                Thanks. It helped somehow. I clicked around places u suggested and suddenly text palcement works. However formatting and footnotes dissapeared, but I will manage to get them back myself I think. There is plenty of guides to resolve this problem. Thanks again kind soul.



                For pure curiosity: Footnotes were roots of the overtext problem.


                Solution for my situation: Create another document. Create frame and place the text. Copy frame and paste it into document where placement with footnotes stopped working. Problem. No problem Finally....


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