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    Scrubbing Issues with 6.01

    Jon-M-Spear Level 4

      Set-up:  Blackmagic Intensity Pro; Quadro FX 3800:  Dell Precision T3500: 12Gb Ram:  Contour Shuttle Pro:  3 x Dell U2410 monitors.  Latest drivers.


      Assets:  XDCam EX MP4


      In the timeline, when advancing forward (or reversing) by keeping the right (left) direction key pressed, the playhead and the image in the Program / External monitors jump in both directions eratically, gradually stuttering forwards. 


      This behaviour is also present when dragging the mouse through the timeline and when using the Contour Shuttle Pro (as it uses the same keystroke as its template), either as a single frame advance or rapid shuttle. 


      This does not happen with material in the Source Monitor - all behaves as it should .


      This behaviour did not happen with 6.00.


      I have disabled the BMIP player and Hardware Mercury Playback; no change.


      Any suggestions would be appreicated.  Thanks.


      *** I have also noticed that when I stop scrubbing - using any of the above methods - the audio levels in the meters remain frozen for about 2 seconds before dropping back.  Returning to their normal position is instant when stopping normal playback.


      I have created a new project and imported XDCAM assets, in case my current project has become corrupted.  It happens in the new project too.