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    Need help with rollover balloons


      I'm working on a web site using Dreamweaver CSS5.5 and Fireworks CS5. 


      I have a small image (a GIF) covered with a hotspot, so when the user clicks on that image, it triggers an event.


      I want to make a rollover on that same image, so that when the cursor is over the image, a little text box appears pointing to, or next to, the image. The box will contain just one or two words. It can work exactly like the ones in this editor.


      When the cursor moves off the image, the box disappears.


      I thought this would be a disjointed rollover, but as I understand the directions in Help, the target image in a disjointed rollover appears in place of  a preexisting image.  With the text boxes, there's no preexisting image; they appear, then disappear. 


      Any guidance or pointers on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. I know it's probably simple; I just haven't figured it out yet.