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    Monitor profile defective


      Have researched this and found good answers.  But my question here is can you turn that pop-up message "The monitor profile "Samsung - Natural Color Pro 1.0 ICM" appears to be defective. Please rerun your monitor calibration software" on and off.


      I may have checked the "don't show this message again" ??


      If so...can I re-enable the the profile warning message and how ?


      Or...does this pop-up only occur if there is a monitor profile issue when Photoshop starts ?


      Adobe Photoshop CS4 (64 Bit)



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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The question is what alternative you picked before you checked "don't show". The options are "use anyway" and "discard" - and in the latter case sRGB is used instead.


          The Samsung profile is very likely defective (many canned profiles are), so you're better off using sRGB unless you have a wide gamut monitor.


          To correct the problem permanently you buy a calibrator to make a new monitor profile. Then it's moot.


          EDIT: There is a Reset All Warning Dialogs in Preferences, to answer your question.