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    Displacement Map


      I have had AE for ages but only really used it for titles.  I have good knowledge of video editing software like Edius and Media Composer.  I am trying to learn AE but struggle sometimes.


      I want to create an effect of a ribbon slowly waving; that is distorting its shape as well as moving on screen and increasing in length.  I am happy to spend hours trying to do this myself but I am falling at the first hurdle.  I have both CS5.5 (with redgiant suite) and AE7.  I watched a tutorial.  I think I did exactly what the demonstrater did but it doesn't work for me.  I want to, for starters, just get a solid colour block to 'wave'.  This is what I did:


      New Comp>

      New Layer>solid>red

      New Layer>solid>grey

      New Effect (solid grey)>noise>turbulent

      New Effect (solid red)>displacement map


           >choose solid grey as map


      why isn't my solid red being effected by the solid grey displacement map?


      I hope I am not asking a silly question!