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    Error using an XML as data provider for either datagrid or linechart


      I am developing an application using Flex and Java servlets. Upon user
      event, I load the data using the servlet and store the data in a
      Dictionary. I am running into couple of issues from here

      a. If I try to use the XML object in the dictionary as the data provider
      for either Datagrid or Linechart I am unable to view the data. I did a
      trace on the object and it has the correct data.

      b. Also, I am unable to access the content of child elements when using
      a parent element as the data provider.

      ex. parent. child1. child2 does not work, it works when I provide child2
      as the dataprovider directly.

      Please let me know what might be the root causes and resolutions.

      Thanks in advance,