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    Can I publish a movie to a single VOB file?


      I have been having trouble getting the best quality out of my large video project that I am trying to publish, but I found that VOB files provide the best quality. The only problem is that it publishes my movie to three VOB files. When I burn the files to a DVD, there is an extremely noticeable stutter or small gap between the three VOB files. They do not play together smoothly on the DVD in the DVD player. Is it possible to make adobe premiere elements 9 remove the VOB size limit when creating a DVD folder and publish the whole movie to one VOB file?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The DVD-Video specs. allow for VOB's to be 1GB. If your Timeline exceeds that limit, it will span multiple VOB's.


          What is the problem, if your Timeline spans several VOB containers?


          Good luck,



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            nealeh Level 5

            Are you using Share> Disc> DVD to create your DVD or some other method to create your VOB files? If the former you should not notice any stutter between clips on a 4.7GB DVD. If you are, then I wonder if you have burnt a high-speed disk on your PC that your player is struggling to work with.


            Try this:

            • Share> Disc> DVD and select 'Burn to Folder'. Make a note of the  Folder location and name.
            • Download and install the free burning software 'ImgBurn'.
            • Use ImgBurn to to burn the folder you just created (Help> View ImgBurn Guides... for details if you get stuck).
            • In the Device tab select a write speed of x2.




            Let us know if that works for you.





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              davidstri Level 1

              For the sake of anyone in a similar situation, I'll post what I did. I guess the answer is that adobe cannot publish a whole movie to a single VOB file. I published my project to a WMV file, and the quality was just as good as the VOB file's, but after I published it, I noticed that the audio was a little bit distorted when there was loud noise like someone shouting (it sounded like the speaker was shaking). Earlier, I downloaded a free program called DeVeDe, and I used that program to create an ISO file (ready to be burned to a DVD) out of the WMV file and the subtitle (subrip) file that I created for the WMV file. Playing the ISO file with VLC media player, I could see that the subtitles and menus worked perfectly, but the audio from the WMV file in the ISO file was completely distorted and sounded even worse when played on the TV. When I did the same thing with a VOB file, the sound came out all right as a VOB file and as an ISO file. It seemed like the audio was surpassing the speakers frequency level and making the speaker shake. The audio sounded fine when I was editing it in adobe premiere elements 9. I'm guessing the program, DeVeDe, made the audio distortion even worse when publishing it to an ISO file. To fix the problem, I simply had to go back and lower the volume for the entire forty minute and two hour project in APE9. The audio was the only problem. Just make sure you don't put the audio too loud (which I needed to do since the actors in the play weren't speaking loud enough) when editing a video in APE9.  To repeat myself, I used DeVeDe (a free program) to create an ISO file out of the WMV file and the subtitles, and I used DeVeDe to add menus and five minute interval chapters to the DVD. It's a very simple program, but it did what I wanted it to do. I created the subtitles with Subtitle Edit, the best subtitle creation program I've tested, and I used ImgBurn to burn the ISO file to a DVD which played perfectly with my DVD player.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                >adobe cannot publish a whole movie to a single VOB file


                You need to go back and re-read #1 from Bill Hunt... Premiere Elements (and Encore bundled with Premiere Pro) follow the DVD specification for the size of a VOB


                Since VOB files are only used when creating a DVD, the specification limit is what controls what PreEl creates

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  All that the ISO has done is basically ZIP the VIDEO_TS folder, with the IFO, BUP and VOB files into a "wrapper," the ISO. It is not much different than using WinZIP, or similar, to archive the material. The VOB's are still in there, just inside the ISO container.


                  Now, PrE cannot generate an ISO, like Adobe Encore can. However, one could author the Project and Burn to Folder, which will create the necessary folders and files within the VIDEO_TS folder. Then, if on the PC, they can use the great, little, free ImgBurn, to create an ISO from that folder.


                  An ISO is a good container to basically gather up and deliver the full DVD-Video structure, but there are a few caveats:


                  • Not all computers can handle (usually called "Mounting") and ISO. Many have to download and install a program, specifically for this purpose. Some DVD software players work perfectly well with an ISO, but many do not. When yours does not, Google for "ISO mounting software."
                  • Many DVD/BD players cannot process an ISO. Check with your equipment mfgr's. spec. sheet, to see if yours can.


                  Creating an ISO is not really unlike ZIP'ing several folders and files, but is specifc to DVD-Video, and unlike other "archiving programs," will have the .ISO file extension, rather than .zip, .7z, .rar, etc.


                  Good luck, and thank you for posting your workflow.



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                    davidstri Level 1

                    Wow, I didn't know ImgBurn could create ISOs from a VIDEO_TS folder. That's very helpful information for the future. Thank you. It wouldn't have worked for my first movie since I was adding subtitles to it, and ImgBurn can't add subtitles, but that would have worked perfectly for my second movie which did not have subtitles... Alwell.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      You are welcome.


                      Just for my education, did DeVeDe provide the function to add Subtitles?


                      The request for real Subtitles is not THAT common on the PrE forum, as most people only want Lower-Third Titles, that are burned into the Video, and are not selectable from a DVD Subtitle Menu, and possibly in several languages, i.e. real Subtitles. Adobe Encore can do real Subtitles, as well as Closed-Captions, which are similar, though with a few subtle differences, however, it is not available as a stand-alone program, and is only available with Premiere Pro. That means that it is not a solution for most people, using PrE.


                      I do not even know if Sony's DVD Architect (often recommended as a full-featured authoring application here) can do real Subtitles.


                      Good luck,



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                        davidstri Level 1

                        Yes, it did. I imported my WMV file to DeVeDe, and then added the .srt file (the most common format for subtitles - it's full name is subrip - for anyone that does not know) to the the WMV file by clicking the properties button and then the "add" button. You can change the size of the subtitles but not the font. The font looks pretty good, anyway. DeVeDe is very simple and cannot import a VIDEO_TS folder created with a  program like PrE with any menus or chapters inside. Only raw files like WMV and srt files can be added and burned to a DVD. With DeVeDe, you can add chapters every five or ten minutes and make a fairly nice looking title menu, but, like I said, it cannot import an entire VIDEO_TS folder with menus and chapters as ImgBurn can do, only raw files like WMV and srt. Bill, I know I probably gave you more information than you needed, but for the benefit of anyone in a similar situation, I added all the extra information.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          No, not at all. Knowing how other authoring programs work, is very important around here. Though the forum is hosted by Adobe, and is obviously geared toward Adobe programs, we also try to help others to realize the best from their Projects, even if it means that they need to look beyond Adobe. That is why one is likely to see references to ImgBurn, Sony DVD Architect, and others.Going back to the CS 2 days, Adobe Encore was available as a stand-alone app, and if it still was, would be the authoring app. that I would recommend most, though it was not cheap, even by the standards then. As of CS 2 Production Studio, Adobe worked with the intitial direct integration of Premiere Pro and Encore. By CS 3, that integration had progressed, and to the point that Adobe chose to not create too versions - one for stand-alone use, and one for PrPro use, so it is not only available as part of PrPro. Glad to know about DeVeDe. While Subtitles and CC are more in the domain of professional authoring apps., some folk DO need them, and do not plan on buying Sonic's Scenarist, or even the "Pro" version of Sony DVD Architect, and do not plan on buying Premiere Pro, to get Encore.


                          Thank you for that information. I know that I will pass it on soon.