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    Capturing Old Mini DV tapes to Coputer Without Camcorder?

    kentfromtx Level 1



      I have a handfull of old mini dv tapes I recorded years ago on a JVC camcorder model GR-D70U.


      I no longer have the original camcorder but would like to put all of the tape footage on my computer to have digital file versions and to do some editing in Premerie Pro CS6.


      Can someone advise me as to the best most efficient method for transfering the tapes to my computer without the camcorder?


      Is this even possible? Is there some type of external device that will convert the tape into a video file?


      The computer I am using is a 1 year old laptop with USB2 ports but no firewire.  I also have an HDMI port. I don't know if this is info is even relevant but I thought its better to state it and not need it than to need it and not state it.


      Everytime I run into a problem and state it in these adobe forums my problem gets solved so I'm counting on y'all.