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    Scrolling doesn't work after update


      Hi all,


      I only use Dreamweaver to update my websites. I recently updated some reviews and now the scroll section won't work. I can't see any difference between the html on this page and the other pages, but the scroll now won't work on this page. Any help would be greatly appreciated (please assume I know nothing about html!).



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          Ken Binney Level 6

          Remove this </div> tag:


          <p><a href="http://www.filmink.com.au/news/bofa-boasts-a-major-premiere/" target="_blank" class="style1">Film Ink</a></p>


          <p>"Of note is....

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            adninjastrator Level 4

            The <div> structure of your page seems to be a little off. Perhaps that's why there was the closing </div> between those two paragraphs. Also, it seems that #header is not being closed before going right into the main content. If you remove that </div> as suggested, then you are one closing tag short... that of the #header.

            For your review:

            It's good practice when coding to put in the closing tag to any element as soon as you finish the opening tag.

            So for example, put in your opening #wrapper tag and then put in the closing #wrapper tag before you put anything in #wrapper.

            Now if you are using #wrapper in the normal way... that is to "wrap" all the content.... then everything... all content needs to be placed between the opening #wrapper tag and the closing #wrapper tag.

            Now as you add content to the main, all encompassing wrapper <div>, indent each level of nesting. So when you nest one level deep, indent the code so you can visually see what content in inside what. Next level of nesting gets indented one more time.

            That practice, along with always adding the closing tag a couple of lines below the opening tag at the same time the opening tag is created, will help you keep content in the proper container element and eliminate extra opening or closing tags...... always crate them in pairs.

            Best wishes,



            PS: After trying to decypher the <div> structure of another post, let me add one thing to "always create <div> tags in pairs... an opening and closing".... Add a comment right before the closing tag to remind you which <div> you are closing... like this:

            <!-- close wrapper -->


            That sure helps when trouble shooting later.

            Best wishes,