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    ACR 7.0/7.1 Auto Exposure Correction under Basic way overexposes vs. ACR 6.7




      I have the problem that the new Camera Raw 7.0 (same for 7.1) way overexposes when the Auto correction function is used in Basic vs. ACR 6.7. Below are the values for the same image. It's a Jpeg (ok, let's not get into this, I use a Sony α77 and take pictures in something called Handheld Twilight Mode which results in Jpegs).


      ACR 6.7 - Basic: Exposure +0,70, Recovery 0, Fill Light 0, Blacks 0, Brightness 0, Contrast -17. That's it. I'm very satisfied with the result.


      ACR 7.1 - Basic: Exposure +0,95, Contrast -18, Highlights -44, Shadows +44, Whites +28, Blacks +1. Under Tone Curve Highlights, Lights, Darks, Shadows are all set to 0. Again, I only apply the Auto correction under Basic. I hate the result. Image is way overexposed.


      I've tried it with Raw. Same problem. Auto correction under Basic results in images that are way overexposed.


      Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? I would very much like this to be fixed.