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    CS6 Multicam issues with XF300 HDV footage

    Roddy Mc

      I have downloaded the trial version to test the multicam capabilities with more than 4 feeds.


      Recently filmed a dance show using the following..

      2 x Canon XH1's hdv 50i PAL

      2 x Canon XF100 hdv 50i PAL

      1 x SD90 full HD 50i PAL

      1 x Canon XA10 full HD 50i

      1 x Canon XF300 hdv 50i PAL


      Synced all the cameras up and proceeded with making the multicam


      Once completed I reviewed the edit only to see some major and regular mpeg pixelisation on the Canon XF300 footage.

      Whats wierd is the corruption on the same frames ISNT present in the preview monitor only on the multicam sequence. I have checked the sequence is HDV 50i and even copied and pasted the whole project to a Canon MXF timeline created by making a new sequence from the XF300 clip. The corruptions are still there?


      there are four main corruptions however some do dissapears when you render the final project..


      1. the frame is skewed left on the horizontal on one line ergo the top half ofthe frame is about 100 pixels left and bottom of the frame is 100 pixel right.

      2. Pixelisation in chunks on the screen and sometimes around movement.

      3. Every now and again a frame from probably a second back appears then dissapears making a wierd video split second jump. (this error dissapears when you render the final project)

      3 A band of footage hoizontally across the frame that is lighter and showing what looks to be a different frame.


      I have noticed on some clips if I put my timeline cursor onto a clip after a few second the corruption dissapears almost like premiere is calculating out the compression. However this isnt the case on some frames where the video corruption remains.


      My question is.. IS this normal? or are are there some XMF conversion issues with CS6? I have rendered final files out only to see the corruptions hence I have to go through the project and rejig to avoid these corruptions. I have heard there are issues with the XF300 in a HDV wrapper is this acknowledge by adobe and being worked on?


      Oh by the way im using

      Intel core i7

      8GB ram

      Win 7 sp1 64 bit

      Nvideo Geforce 570 GTX

      System is streaming all 7 cams adequately for 10 mins then need to stop to refresh after camera choice selection in multicam record mode.