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    Making proyector adds a duplicate cast to my movie

    nairkat Level 1

      Probably this is a known issue but I havent found a solution although I have searched the forum (normally that works wonders).

      I have a project (desktop with multiplayer features but not shockwave) being developped under Director 11.5. When I publish it another cast which is not intended to be appears linked to my movie (ctrl+shift+C). The cast is a duplicate of one of my external casts (I have 1 internal, 6 external casts for now, adressed on prepare movie one by one to a relative movie path). The cast name coincidentially happens to be the "scripts" cast (the other casts are all diferent graphics for the program), which initially seemed that might have caused some issues because I saw duplicated scripts in the script window and that's kind of scarry at first. I just remove it everytime I publish the project and all goes well. That duplicated cast reference points to the same file as the original "scripts" cast. Well, it's not that big deal, and it doesnt make my program malfunction at all for now, but I would like to get rid of this if posible. I've ended up making very few compilations because of this. Is there any workaround?


      EDIT: For Admin: posted this in the Lingo section, probably it's better for the basics section. Move it if you see fit.

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          josh_chunick Level 1

          Since you didn't mention it I would first suggest doing a 'Save and Compact' from the File menu. The compact part removes orphaned assets and if you haven't done it then that can be a souce of strange things happening in your projector. Next, I would double check your code to make sure you are not linking an external scripts cast.

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            nairkat Level 1

            Yeah I didnt mention it (and thought about doing it but thought it was too obvious and didnt). I save and compact frecuently. Also I use "the copy dependent files" publish option or else my proyector doesnt work. If I need the casts to be not protected I have to copy them manually because "copy dependant files" also automatically protects my casts. This can be dangerous if your output is in the same folder as the .dir as it could overwrite your original casts (in my case I would loose the code as it's in a external file). Another reason to backup


            And the cast "script" is external as I've explained in the first post. Should I make it internal? If that's all I would gladly do it.

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              nairkat Level 1

              Well, finally I have made the cast "Scripts" internal, by making a new internal "Scripts" cast copying there the content of the external cast and then unlinking the later and going save and compact. After it, when making a new compilation it has worked well and no unintended references appear linked now to my movie. I have excluded all xtras as well to their own folder.


              It seems to make more sense having the cast internal. Now suposedly all the code will be at hand. That's the theory, because prior to this my program worked and now I have a script error on the proyector (not on authoring inside Director). How can I trace proyector errors? Remember doing it in the past but it's been a while not using Director.


              Been checking the code with ctrl+F and I have no orphaned references to the old external cast. It is supressed by now (still exists as .cst though in the source casts folder as a temporary backup until I reorganize everything).

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                nairkat Level 1

                I think the complicatons came from putting the basic code (actually all the code) in an external cast. I had done it in the past with older versions and all went well. But now I think it's much better to keep the code internal, as code normally will not ocuppy much storage space so it wont affect the performance, start-up of the executable. Being external was the reason I had to check "copy dependant files" always, which protected my casts (.cxt), which was not nice in this case. After making it internal I've published a couple of times with the option unchecked and copying the .cst manually later to their output folder and starts well (although as I said yesterday I have a "Director player error"; script error; continue yes|no, that I have to tackle). Also no nasty cast addings happen now


                EDIT: no Director error in fact finally, my fault for not updating an xml file to in the output dir. Works perfectly now!