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    Premier Elements 9 glitching really badly on my new computer. :(


      Hello All,


           I was wondering if anyone could help troubleshoot a problem I'm having with Premier Elements 9. The program itself worked fine on my old laptop, but I have a new desktop now that's much more powerful and will be able to handle rendering split screen, etc. Unfortunately I sat down to put a vid together today for the first time on my new comp, and Elements is glitching so badly that I can't even use it. The first problem I noticed was that in the New Project window (for naming projects, designation save paths, etc.) nothing happened when I clicked the buttons. Finally I hit "Enter" on the keyboard and that got rid of that box. I could then start a new project from the dropdown menu and could manipulate the resulting identical box no prob. However, when I actually got into Elements and tried to drag audio/video into the timeline, the graphics of the interface completely bugged out. Black lines show up anywhere my cursor runs across the time line, and the whole timeline part of the interface goes nuts when I try to put a file in there. Clicking on the scroll bar will bring it back to normal appearance, but any attempts to edit the file or add files results in the same glitching. Any ideas on how I can fix this? Thanks; have a good one.




      P.S. Running Windows 7 64bit (same as my laptop was)

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Sounds like some of the dialog boxes are not behaving, as they should.


          Usually, that indicates a problem with the video driver.


          What is the make/model of your display adapter (card, or chip)?


          What is the version/date of the installed video driver?


          Is that the very latest from nVidia, or AMD/ATI?


          Good luck,



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            brunermr Level 1

            Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Bill. My video card driver was up to date according to Device Manager, but I went to AMD's website (I have a Radeon HD 6850) and found that their most recent driver for my card was dated later than that listed in Device Manager. I downloaded that and it installed a program called Catalyst that manages the video card, including updating the drivers. To be succinct, there was no change in Premier and after some digging I've come to the conclusion that my computer is reading drivers from System 32 but the new drivers I've installed are in a different place (C:/AMD/...). Any ideas on my next move? Can I just install this package into System 32? Is there a way to tell my comp to look for the drivers in the other folder? Thanks for any help everyone; much appreciated.



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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The install software for device drivers SHOULD take care of the system registry entries to tell Windows where to look


              If that did not happen, I think you need to contact AMD technical support, since this is not something that PreElements controls