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    Attempting retail install CS6, but failed installation occurs every attempt on Win7x64


      First off, appologies for this post, I'm a bit flustered.


      New Win7x64 computer and an attempt to install retail CS6 have failed. I now get the following error message upon each install attempt:  "Installer failed to initialize.  File not found.  Please download Adobe Support Advisor to detect the problem".  I did, and with some internet issues I finally sent in a report.  I tried the Cleaner tool several times, no help.  I attempted to remove a registry entry as described in a "bootstrapper error" fix, but that particular "InProgress Key" does not exist.


      I even attempted to download and install a trial of CS6, but upon attempting to install I yet again recieved the same error message.


      What is my next move?


      As with anyone else with an issue, I just want to intstall CS6 and be on my way.  I also own retail LR3 and Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 (plug-in), but I will not attempt to install those UNTILL I can resolve the CS6 install issue.  I need all 3 of these programs, now.


      Once again, thank you for any assistance that can be provided.