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    Sound continues to play with videos embedded in lightbox!


      I've been playing around with MUSE since November of 2011. I built a site using the software and one extremely annoying/crippling problem for me was that MUSE cannot handle HTML5 VIMEO embed codes when placed inside a Lightbox. The videos will play, but then when you exit the lightbox and go back to the main page, the audio of the video keeps playing in the background and there is no way to stop it from playing unless you close the page.


      My solution was to use the old embed codes (pre HTML5) for all of my video embedding but this is actually not a solution as now my site is useless on iOS devices - and lets face it, a lot of web browsing is headed in that direction.

      I made a post about this a while back and it was apparently added to the list of things that would get fixed, but I just installed the latest / last beta version of Muse and to my dismay, this problem still presists :/ Unbeleivably dissapointed at this.


      Adobe, whats the deal!? Is there any known workaround at this point?