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    3D Cameras and Adobe Pr6

    twtybrd678 Level 1

      Do you still have to buy a plugin to do 3D editing in PR6?







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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I've not seen any mention of adding 3D support in CS6, so my guess would be yes.


          You can always download he trial and test for yourself.

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            I have been told that 3d is accomplished thru Speedgrade. Beyond that (graphics card requirments, etc.) I have been unable to get anything which resembles authorative information on the forums.


            Anybody knowing something would help us by speaking up.


            Thank you.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              I have been told that 3d is accomplished thru Speedgrade.


              Not quite correct.  SpeedGrade can handle stereoscopic material, but that's usually the last part of the chain.  It won't 'convert' 2D into 3D.  You need an NLE to handle the 3D editing first.

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                frank_dlxe Level 1

                To John Smith: The links were extremely interesting however I am trying to upgrade everything from SD to HD and 2K.


                To Jim Simon:  I am building a new computer and purchasing a new camera. I want to do 3D. As I see it my two options come down to (assuming I want to use CS6 - I presently have CS1)  using Speedgrade and purchase a $3k SDI card or purchase Cineform Studio Pro for $1k if I want to continue to use the Adobe line (which I have been using for the last 15 years). I really don't want to switch from software I am very comfortable with however this cost projection is getting excessive.


                Does anyone know if Adobe has a solution and if so when? It would appear that I am not the only one with this problem.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  my two options come down to using Speedgrade and purchase a $3k SDI card


                  Again, SpeedGrade is not going to give you 3D editing capabilities.  It is a color correcting/grading program that can handle stereoscopic material in some limited formats, but you still need an NLE that can handle 3D material.  SpeedGrade does NOT fill that role.

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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    >Does anyone know if Adobe has a solution and if so when?


                    No Adobe employee, or Beta tester, is allowed to discuss future plans until the Adobe CEO or PR Department makes an announcement


                    My personal GUESS is that Adobe is not going to put much time/effort/$$$ into 3D until there is a "large enough" market... with "large enough" being enough people buying a 3D ready TV or movie projector and then buying 3D movies

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      Or when enough Cinema Editors start using Premiere Pro.  (But I think there are a few necessary improvements ahead of 3D for that to happen.)

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        John T.,


                        Yes. Time will tell, and greater acceptance will spur additional development.


                        CES did not really have much new on the 3D front, with no really big introductions, that my sources saw. It seemed that was much more concentration on mobile devices/delivery (something that neither of them is that heavily involved in). I am not saying that 3D is but a "flash in the pan," but at least for now, it was not making the same waves, as the last couple of shows. Some movement, but nothing ground-breaking.


                        I have also seen US retailers, like Fry's Electronics, offering fewer 3D devices, and having sales on "last year's models," plus the 3D BD titles are being pretty heavily discounted, down to the US $10 - 15 range - about what the some titles in BD are going for.


                        I don't pretend to know anything, but am only going on what some folk in the "business" are reporting, and on observations, that might well be meaningless in the scheme of things. So far, my sources are not doing much with 3D yet - one a major distributor and the other a home theater constructor. They are just not seeing that many requests, at least not yet.



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                          frank_dlxe Level 1

                          Thank you for the response. From your perspective I believe you are correct. In my view 3D as a hobbyiest or television production is in an infant state which will be slow to develope. Unlike the introduction of color which only required a modification of the broadcast signal 3D requires a separate channel and also expensive receiving equipment.


                          There is, however, a new and emerging market in the theatrical field. As the motion picture theaters convert to digital projection there will be a need for custom video in both 2K and 3D. The conversion schedule is now down to small circuits, independants, and drive-ins. These customers will need institutional and other video pieces at reasonable cost. Think about the conversion to digital signage. These new areas reguire regular content update. I am looking for something which works now and will work in the future as this demand grows and matures.


                          For me this is the time to decide what I will use for software for the next few years to supply my customers. I am not willing to sit back and wait I need to move now therefore my anxiety over the attitude of Adobe. Lets face it Neo 3D is not even an option any longer in CS6. My question is what use is CS6 and would I be better off with something else rather than trying to patch up CS6 to work for me. I really do not like saying good-bye to an old friend but I have work to do.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            I certainly understand your desires. Though I was not personally interested in 3D, I did gather some comments, white-papers and tutorials (mostly feature advertising pieces) on Adobe Premiere Pro and 3D. However, those go back to CS 5, and am not sure how much, if at all, they have been updated.


                            This might be an area, where Todd, or Kevin, can comment on methods, or directions for you, regarding Premiere.


                            What I am observing might just be a hiccup in the 3D market, and in a year, might be totally forgotten, if 3D takes off. It might not be a portender of any trend, and might be looked upon as but an historical footnote, in the near future.


                            I wish that I had something useful to offer, but I think that you have read everything that I have, and probably much more. If you do get more info on PrPro and 3D, please update the thread.


                            Good luck,



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                              frank_dlxe Level 1

                              Mine is a specialized need. I will be updating to CS6, will add Main Concept DCI encoder, 5.1 processing, and Cineform 3D. This will enable the processing and production I need.


                              I greatly appreciate the feedback received. It would appear that my need a ahead of the curve. I do think that within a reasonable period of time you will see an increase to 3D. I will know it is there when Adobe proudly proclaims it is now part of their lastest and greatest upgrade.

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9



                                Good luck, and I do hope that the "curve" catches up, especially with the investment that you have outlined.


                                All the best,