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    Master Suite freezing up


      Hello...I just installed (via download from Adobe.com) a licensed version of CS 6 Master Suite and every program has frozen up within minutes of booting. I'll give my PC specs in a moment.  This is what I did:

      1.  I upgraded my Nvidia Quadro 4000 driver to the latest. It made no difference.

      2. I installed the CS6 patch .01.  This made no difference.

      3. I did notice during a test with Premiere and Encoder...sent 2 minute clip to encoder and encoder began and as I was watching Processes under Task Manager, that PProheadless, Premiere's rendering engine, was at 1.6 gigabytes, which I thought was a lot. But that doesn't answer why every program I opened would freeze up after say 5 to 10 minutes. You would know, I uninstalled CS5.5.

      4. I did let the machine sit after a freeze to see if it would work through it and if my hard drive light would go off (it was at a constant brightness), but after 45 minutes, no change.


      My rig

      Intel DX580G mb | I-7 960 3.2ghz - water cooled | Crucial PC3-10600 1x2 1333mhz, 12gb | Quadro 4000 | 80 gb SSD (OS hard drive) | Windows 7 Pro 64bit | 38in Munsingwear


      I'm going to wait a few days but otherwise, I'm going to uninstall CS6 and reinstall CS5.5. What a pain!


      I've read just about everything on the topic and so far nothing of any substance has been presented.  But I thought I would try here.




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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          The only software you have mentioned so far in specifics is Premiere Pro thus I have moved this discussion to the Premire Pro CS5, CS5.5, & CS6 forum.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            You say the hard drive was running for those 45 minutes?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              You mention you SSD C:\, but what is the rest of your I/O sub-system? Hopefully, you have at least two more HDD's.


              Good luck,



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                stevndale Level 1

                Hi Jim...yes, it appeared to be running, the SSD is quiet so I couldn't hear anything, but the access light was blinking on and off as if it was cycling.  The cpu was registering the normal 1% or so of activity but nothing that indicated the system was working hard.


                Thanks Bill for encouragment.  Yes, I have a WD green 1tb Raid 1 , while Master Suite scratch gets its own WD green 500 gb drive.  On the to do list is adding a four bay


                On the rest of the issue:  After the harrowing day last Sunday with all the Master Suite programs freezing up, which includes Premiere, encoder, PS, AI, ID, audition, bridge, after effects, etc., I had no trouble with them last Tuesday.  But last night I was in Audition and it froze up about 4 or 5 minutes into the program. So far this morning, it has been running just fine. Bridge was running during all the freeze ups, so I'm looking at that as well as digging out the system logs to see what they say.


                Thanks for your time!


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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Green drives are not suitable for video editing... you need full time 7200 rpm drives, so the drives do not "time out" and "spin down" - which does not work for video editing


                  I did not save the link, but there was a discussion in the last week or so (may have been in the hardware section) concerning green drives

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    the access light was blinking on and off as if it was cycling.




                    Try replacing the Task manager with Process Explorer.  It's sort of a beefed up version of the TM.  You can Google around for it.  That will allow you to see which process is taking up those hard drive cycles.  This might help us understand what is causing the apparent freezing of your system.

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                      bosdog p

                      i have a very similar issue with premium production CS6...ive messed with the card settings, but nothing seems to help.  im also using a SSD, and im wondering if that could possibly have anything to do with it....i spoke with an adobe rep yesterday, but he had no idea what could be causing this...but it seems like a widespread issue--i hope adobe jumps on it.

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                        John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        >hope adobe jumps on it


                        You need to tell Adobe here

                        Bug Report and Feature Request https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform

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                          bosdog p Level 1

                          thanks, john.  i have a case open with adobe.  someone from the escalation group is supposed to get back to me on monday.


                          fwiw, i uninstalled the ndivida driver, and the freezing stopped.  i'm not leveraging the quadro 4000's power when i run CS6, so it's not a tenable solution, but as the software is not freezing. it seems the conflict is between CS6 and nvidia's driver...