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    Interactive table




      I am trying to create an interactive textbook suitable which will be outputted to a series of formats suitable for tablets and desktops, and I was wondering if there was any way to include a table which students enter a series of numbers (2-4 different numbers, ranging from about 1-15) and a formula calculates the product of these numbers in another text box. As far as I can see, inDesign doesn't really cater for that level of interactivity and I am unsure whether the Adobe content viewer even provides a keypad for input, however, I just thought maybe someone else would have some ideas as to how that could be done.


      Also, is there any method by which recipients of an inDesign document, in pdf format or using the Adobe content viewer, could move objects around interactively and place them next to another object where it either settles if that is the correct object, or flicks back if it is not. Again, I tihnk I might be overstretching the bounds of inDesign, but if it is possible, it would be nice to know,



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          Ton Frederiks Adobe Community Professional

          I am sure this can be done for the iPad. Altough InDesign does not have these kind of features, you can extend it by placing HTML content or importing a folder containing HTML content in a folio. So you can create the pages in Dreamweaver and combine the results with InDesign pages in a folio. Examples can be found on the web. Search for jQuery Calculation Plug-in for the calculation examples. For draggable objects: Drag-and-Drop with jQuery: Your Essential Guide. They have a cards game example that does exactly what you describe (you must add the jQuery UI Touch Punch scripts to the code to make it work on an iPad).