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    Sorry, a serious problem has occurred..


      I have been using Pr CS5.5 for about 5 months doing at least 2 projects a month. I've had no problems up until about 2 weeks ago when Pr started force closing on me with the error " Sorry, a serious problem has occurred ... ".  I first saw it while working between Pr and Au trying to fix some audio simply sending the audio to Au and then increasing the levels. I had a few audio effects "Volume"  and "DeNoiser"on the tracks that I was trying to salvage once I had them back in Pr. I had assumed that the perhaps I was trying to do to much on the computer I'm working on (specs listed at the bottom) and also perhaps because I was working off an external hard drive using USB 2.0. I'm working on a really simple project right now and running into the same problem. Sometimes I can work for about 10 minutes without a problem and other times it will happen 30 seconds after opening the project. There doesn't seem to be any specific reason or action that causes the problem now, it happened once just by clicking on the source monitor! I purchased a hard drive with FireWire 800 hoping to see something change, no luck.


      I have NO idea what is going on and I NEED to fix it, I have dead lines. Here is some info to hopefully let somebody give me a clue:


      working with Canon DSLR 60D, 30fps, Auto exposure, using Azden SMX-20 mic.

      Also with Canon XA10, 30fps, Internal audio.      (maybe using these together is doing something weird, although it wasn't doing anything odd before)

      using the DSLR 1920 x 1080 92.97 fps sequence in Pr.

      All of my cache settings and files are organized and set to an external drive.

      Using iMac OS X Lion 10.7.2

      2.5 GHz Intel Core i5

      4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

      AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB


      Let me know if there is any other info I could include to help.


      Also just another thought, I saw somewhere out there on the web about somebody having a similar issue and solving it by deleting and recreating something called a "catalog". Could only find forums telling how to do this on Windows.... Maybe if somebody could help out with instructions for Mac.


      Thanks for any help!