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    Need Help with 29.97i Footage


      I searched the forums here for an answer, but was unable to find anything. Hopefully someone here can help me.


      I'm a student just learning the Adobe Production Suite. My class just shot its first film short. We used 16mm @ 24fps. The telecine process could only do 29.97i though, and it added the pull down frames in. However, we need to deliver at 23.98p. Is there any way to transcode this footage in Premiere or After Effects?


      Any help?

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          I prefer After Effects to do that. Double-click the clip in the AE Project panel to open the Footage window.  Step through the footage and see if some frames have interlaced combing artifacts while others don't.  If that's the case, then use the Interpret Footage dialog in AE to remove the pulldown.  Like this:



          Drop the freshly interpreted footage into a 23.976 fps composition and render out a lossless digital intermediate (DI) video file.  Then edit that DI as desired in Pr.


          If there aren't any combing artifacts in the Footage window, then just drop the clip into a 23.976 comp and export as above.  Alternatively, if no combing artifacts, you can use Pr and simply drop the telecined clip into a 24p sequence, then edit and export that sequence.


          Since the original audio was probably recorded in sync with the 24fps 16mm film, it should be in sync with your DI or 24p sequence video.



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            huffimus_prime Level 1

            Thank you for the help. This clears up a lot.


            If you don't mind a follow-up question... I've heard that converting to 23.98 in After Effects causes a gamma change. Is that probably just due to someone not having the correct settings in rendering out? Or just not have the correct settings in After Effects?

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              Jeff Bellune Level 5

              The only time I've had a "gamma change" out of AE was when I exported a MOV file and then played the exported MOV file in Quicktime Player.  In that case, it's the Player's fault and not AE.  Unless you're on a Mac and don't have any other choice, use an AVI file for your DI.  Lagarith and UT are both excellent lossless codecs, safe to download and once installed, will play nice with other software on your system.  Don't install any codec "packs", as that is a sure recipe for system-wide disaster.  Use VLC player to play back the files, even the MOV files.


              If you have to use MOV files and Quicktime player, then search the web.  You'll find ways to re-wrap the MOV file using Quicktime Pro so that the Player component doesn't shift the gamma.  VLC has a Mac version that I would recommend you use instead of QT Player.  And as of version 11 (I think), UT has a Mac version as well.



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                huffimus_prime Level 1

                Thank you again for that. You've been most helpful.


                I do have to use mov files for output, but I have both VLC and Quicktime Pro so I can re-wrap the mov file if I need to. I'll read up on that.


                Thank you again.

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                  Jeff Bellune Level 5

                  You're welcome.