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    pdfExportPresets.add -> name becomes default "Adobe PDF Presets 1" -> bug?




      I am not really a programmer and completely new to scripting. I just want to create a very simple script that I can use with a panel created with Adobe Configurator.


      I'm trying to load new joboptionsfiles (.joboptions / PDF Export Preset) via a script. I found/slightly adapted the script that does this:


      app.pdfExportPresets.add(File.openDialog("Choose a File: "));


      But: this will change the name of the job option in the list to the default "Adobe PDF Presets 1". When I load the same joboptionsfile the normal way (via File > Adobe PDF Presets > Define), it does show the correct name.


      Is this a bug in the scripting, in my script? Is there a workaround?