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    Images missing in Web Help

    Author care Level 2
      Hi Everybody
      I've recently experienced a problem with a RoboHELP project where the graphics are not displaying in web help output despite having been properly linked into the topics. This occurred unprompted with no action on my part.

      Subsequent investigation showed that the image files missing from the web help output were no longer showing in the RH project view under Images. They were still present on the C: drive if viewed using windows explorer.

      Once one of the missing image files is linked back in using RH, other missing image files appear back in the project view.

      This problems seems to occur after:

      1. Newtwork problems had occured
      2. When the output was web help

      Most curious though, is that the RH project and the compiled output were all stored on my local hard drive i.e NOT over a network drive.

      I used a folder under my documents to store the RH project and the compiled output. The compiled output was also run from the local hard drive not the network. We are running IE7 but I have observed similar problems under IE6.

      What do people suggest:
      1. Might prevent this in future?
      2. Has anyone out there experienced similar problems?

      So far I have simplified the project structure using no folders to dvide up the project but not sub folders. I am also trying out running from C:\directory etc rahter than under "MY Documents"

      Please can anyone help?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          What usually happens is the folder with the images is not showing in Project Manager. I suspect that if instead of relinking an image, you manually recreated that folder, the images would reappear then.

          Not sure about cause.

          1] Does your project name have any spaces in it. Can cause various issues.

          2] You could try trashing the CPD file. See Opening Projects on my site.

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            Author care Level 2
            Thanks Peter,
            The project filename does not have any spaces in it.
            I'll take a look at the CPD stuff.
            As for manually ceating a folder, the folder had not dissapeared rather one of several images within a folder.....
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              Author care Level 2
              Update on the situation..
              By happy coincidence my RH crashed this afternoon whilst I had help "project x" open!

              This meant I could test a few things out. when Project x was compiled into web help, surprise suprise, missing graphics again.

              I then closed RH down and made safe copy of the CPD file for project x. I removed the CPD file from the project x directory. Following this I opened project x in RH again. I then compiled and all graphics had returned.

              In other words the cause of the problem was shown pretty conclusively to be the CPD file being corrupted by an event whilst that praticular project was opened. As an additional test, I opened and compiled some other web help projects that were not open at the time of the crash and these came out fine with no missing graphics.

              Anyway thanks very much again for the advice.

              For anyone else reading this I feel that using merged projects on a large help system might be a good way to limit damage to a large help system. That way one is only working on one segment at a time and if an event occurs the damage is limited to what was open at that time.