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    Flex in a week training?

    j_forrester Level 1

      What I am really looking to do is create a desktop application that looks a certain file paths and checks if those file's exist. If they dont then alert the user, if they do then carry out another function. This may run a photoshop or indesign script. I need an application that constantly updates the stage of where the project is at. i.e this could be down to the user input or if files exist or not.


      I have a little knowledge of javascript and understand key basic techniques such as variables, functions, loops and arrays. This is about as far as my scripting/programming knowledge goes.


      My real question is with my basic knowledge is worth going through the "flex in a week" training scheme. Only in the second video they talk of "server site technologies" such as cold fusion, PHP or Java. I have absolutely no knowledge of such technologies or concepts. There are alot of videos, so I wanted to know if was worth going down the route of the flex in a week training video series or is there a better route I should go down first.


      I have a really desire to get into programming. Everytime I look at learning a programming language I normally find out I  need knowledge of a prior programming language. So it seems like a bit of a vicious circle.


      Could anyone give an advice of either where they started or with hindsite where you wish you had started. Best ways to learn? Online tutorials, books, training centres? Ultimatley I would like to create a few desktop applications via Adobe Flex, but feel I am someway off that just now.


      Many thanks in advance for any help.