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    Effect or script to smoothly center a layer after motion stabilization

    Enver Pex

      Suppose I've used the motion tracker to perfectly stabilize a feature of interest. As a result, the feature is dead still within the frame. What I'm trying to achieve is to stabilize the jerky motion but preserve the overall motion of the feature around the frame.


      For example, suppose that at the start of the footage, the feature is in the left half of the frame, then moves to the right, and then to the top. After stabilization, the feature is stationary while the layer is shifted to the right, then to the left, then to the bottom to compensate. What I'd like to see instead is that it stays generally in the left half, then generally in the right, then at the top, like it did initially, only with sudden jerks smoothed out.


      To do what I want, I'm now thinking of having the (stabilized) layer get gently "pulled" towards the center of the frame, so that sudden shifts due to the stabilization are still there, but overall the layer returns to the center eventually.


      Another way of looking at this is that I'd like to apply a high-pass filter to the tracked path, removing low-frequency motion from the path.


      Does anyone know of a ready-made effect or script to achieve this?