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    Problems with getting my computer to 'talk to' my eBook...

    The SpannahD

      My new zzBook arrived last week, and I have recently set-up the Digital Editions programme on my laptop. I have created a new Adobe account, and then authorised my laptop.

      However, when it came to plugging my eBook into the laptop, nothing happened. It started charging, but there was no  recognition on my laptop to say it was recognised. I have tried uninstalling the programme to try and rectify the problem, but there was no difference.

      Is there anything else I can do to get this sorted, or shall I throw my laptop out of the window and start again!?

      Any help will be greatly appreciated, so thank-you in advance!

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          Laptops are more expen$ive than ereaders, so if you're going to throw one

          out, don't be so hasty.  Especially as the ereader is the source of your

          frustration.  Be aware that Digital Editions does not support certain types

          of ereaders.  The name of the ereader you give is not on the list of

          supported devices found


          so it's possible that it's not going to work with Digital Editions.

          However, let me go through the process and you can try it before you give

          up if you want to.


          As with many electronic devices, you should follow a particular sequence in

          getting these things running.  You did nothing to solve your issue by

          reinstalling Digital Editions.


          Let me assume a Windows environment for the rest of this post.  I'll assume

          also that you got an Adobe ID when you registered with them before you

          downloaded and installed Digital Editions.


          To begin the process, you will need to charge the ereader.  Once it's

          charged fully, then you should be able to unplug it, then plug it into your

          laptop and the laptop should recognise it as an external hard drive.  If

          this does not happen (which is apparently what's happened at this point),

          then the ereader may be faulty.


          Assuming that the ereader does get recognised once it's charged, then you

          will need to go to the website for it and register it properly.  Use your

          Adobe ID to do this - it makes things so much easier down the line.  The

          registration process should create a small identity file on your ereader,

          which Digital Editions needs to see in order to recognise it.  Watch the

          screen on the ereader - it should show completion of this process - and

          then you can disconnect it from your computer.


          When the registration process is complete, you're ready to try to connect

          to Digital Editions.  Reconnect the ereader to your computer and wait for a

          moment to see that it tells you it's connected, and that Windows does too.

          Then, start Digital Editions.  If Digital Editions sees the ereader, it

          will show up on the bookshelf in Library view (left hand side) with its

          name.  If this happens, Digital Editions will work with your ereader

          regardless of whether it's on the supported list, and you can drag and drop

          ebooks from Digital Editions onto your ereader.


          When you are done, you should close Digital Editions.  Watch the ereader's

          screen to make sure that it finishes processing the content, and then you

          can pull the plug and enjoy your ebooks.


          To be fair, there are other things to consider regarding the ebooks

          themselves.  Digital Editions will tell you if it cannot copy the ebook to

          your ereader due to digital rights assigned to it by the publisher,

          distributor or library.  That can be frustrating, but it's not a problem

          with Digital Editions.  If you get other error messages, check the Digital

          Editions FAQ's that you can find in the Help section (F1 key from Library

          or Reading view).  There's also a ton of other information in the Help



          Hope this helps!