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    After Effects Plug Ins

    Pierre Devereux Level 2

      Hi Guys,


      Ok, what I am about to ask is something I guess is a very "Personal-preference" type question, but here we go anyway..( if nothing else, it might give you something to read! :-)..)


      I have mentioned on a few posts that the project I am busy with, is for the creation of a new television series. We are a very small company, and have started out from scratch- the best place to start from I think.. Anyway, the question that I have, is around After Effects plug-ins.


      I would like to invest some money in plug-ins but would like to get a feel from the forum first, as to what, where, when and why.


      After all the many millions of tutorials and books I have seen, "Red Giant" is a name that crops up all the time. I am looking on their site, and am getting rather overwhelmed with the amount of plugins they offer.


      I am going to "pre-guess" that someone will answer this question by stating that it all depends what I want to do at the end of the day, so I will jump the gun on that one and state that I will definately be looking into the "Keying Suite" on offer, as a lot of my work - actually, the biggest part - will be compositing from green and blue screen footage.


      The other packages caught my eye, because I just want to own the world (I cannot play any computer game without completing it 100% - getting all the collectable's and extras - so that part of my personality is now bleeding into work!) - and as a result, I am looking at the "Effects Suite" and "Trapcode Suite"


      So, to end this rather long "Question", can anyone advise me, from their experience, are the extra products worth while, or can After Effects pull a pretty believable similar effect by itself?


      Thanks for your time,



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          If you do keying a lot, you could need help. Not sure whether I would actually consider the complementary tools that much, as it is easy enough to build a light wrap from scratch and the Refine Matte effect ever since CS5 is pretty sophisticated as well as there are of course all the otehr channel, matte and blur tools, but Primatte is useful and may help to create a key where Keylight fails. On that note, you might also consider RevisionFX' Re:Fill to mend holes and smooth keying edges the smart way as well as RSMB Pro to remove motion blur and reintroduce it later. And the adaptive blurs in SmoothKit are also handy. The other Red Giant suites are probably not essential to you. Trapcode is motion graphics centric, anyway, and unless you neet all those particle and lighting effects, you won't get much else out of it. Similarly, the FX suite is not essential IMO. Half of that can be built from scratch or with some presets from the web, it may just be a bit more clunky and slower. if you realyl must send more money to RG and do not want to buy more RevisionFX tools like DeNoise or Twixtor, the Magic Bulelt tools would be better plus you get their color correction tools as well.



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            Pierre Devereux Level 2

            Thanks man,


            I have read a bit on Twixtor, but am not at all familiar with DeNoise. Ill take some late night reading home tonight! :-)


            About the other RG suites, ... thank you - that is exactly what I was looking for - just some advice from someone who has used/seen the products and can advice if it is really worth the extra money.


            Once we have sold Season 3, and I have bought myself a small island somewhere in the Mediterranean, I might buy out RG, just so I can tick the "100% complete" button on my software collection box!


            I will spend some more time on the After Effects tutorials around keylight and the different types of Mattes. I have most of the responses from the forum to my previous questions, as well as others around keying book marked, so Ill take a browse through them again some time this week.


            Thanks again,





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              lasvideo Level 4

              The plugins I get the most use out of are...


              1. Trapcode Suite - Versatile and powerful range of effects


              2. Magic Bullet Colorista 2  and Magic Bullet Looks 2 - Great color correction and grading


              3. Primatte Keyer - Best keyer I know


              4. Zaxwerks Proanimator - The bomb for animated 3D logos and text with a break through GUI


              5. Boris Red 5 - The ONLY place to get creative transitions for Premiere Pro CS6 where you can use the massive library or custom create your own. (just in case you use this NLE)

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                Pierre Devereux Level 2

                Thanks again guys,


                I have downloaded trial versions of all the suggested plug-ins, and will spend some time with them this week.


                Before I begin though, I will admit that I am predisposed to purchasing the Keying suite - because I know that will be the bulk of my work here. The effects and the extras, if they look like they wll help out the project, I will definately plan to get them soon.


                As mentioned before, as soon as we sell, lets say, Season 3....Ill buy all the plug ins available, AND the companies that design them....just cause I can! :-)


                Cheers, enjoy the week



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                  Mathias Möhl Level 2

                  I just did some tutorial using various plugins from the Trapcode suite:

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                    Pierre Devereux Level 2



                    I will check them out ASAP.



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                      lasvideo Level 4

                      Pieree, I find the Keying suite has to many redundancies of software for keying. All I need is one good program like Primatte to get good keys.

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                        Pierre Devereux Level 2

                        Thanks man,


                        That little tip will save me a whole lot of money. I have the suite trial, bt have not installed it yet. And since the exchange rate is rather unfriendly, a couple of dollars will save me a lot of rands! :-)


                        ill check out the suite anyway, just to see whats what, but based on your suggestion, I think I might take the Primatte plug in aloone.



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                          Pierre Devereux Level 2



                          the Warp plug in does sound quite nice too....


                          (How I wish there was a set of quests I could do to build up my bank amount and buy the whole blimming lot) - Now, after all these years, I finally realize the dangers of playing too many computer games...*sigh*




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                            lasvideo Level 4

                            Speaking of computer games. Have you indulged in Skyrim yet? Its is spectacular. I love it so much, Ive been playing it for the last 7 months! Screw the keyers 

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                              Mathias Möhl Level 2

                              If you want to do corner pin effects with RG warp, I highly recommend to use it in combination with (my own tool) MochaImport+

                              Here are just some tutorials showing what you can do with it. Since After Effects comes with its own corner pin effect, you can do much of the stuff also without RG warp (but RG warp has the advantage to have build-in motion blur). MochaImport+ works with both the build in corner pin and Red Giant Warp.






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                                Pierre Devereux Level 2

                                We are now in danger of making this a games forum, and getting into ll sorts of trouble - at work, from the wife, and the forum moderators...


                                so let me say this (because i am a serious gamer..or WAS before the little guy came along - he is much more fun! - and can talk about them for hours)... I have not yet played Skyrim at all, and have only now unpacked and started my copy of Assasins creed - brotherhood. I still have Alice in Wonderland, as well as Dungeon seige 3 wrapped in their packaging. I need to get Diablo and a few others that are on my shopping list, but Skyrim is one of them.


                                The way things are going, Ill dig this chat out in a year or two, and discuss it with you then!  :-)


                                Once again- thank you to all the great replies and information from the forum dwellers..