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    Can't assign shortcuts to paragraph styles, can't apply them to multiple pages

    soom1976 Level 1

      I'm on a MacBook Pro, Os 10.5.8, Indesign CS3

      I'm trying to apply Paragraph style (followed by another one) to multiple pages, but it seems to be impossible to do.

      First thing - I cannot assign a keyboard shortcut to any of the Paragraph Style commands - when I try to asign a shortcut inside the style window, it doesn't let me do it. I tried all the keys - nothing (I don't have a numpad and I don't have a spare keyboard to try it...)

      Second - my story is divided - each page has individual text frame – so I cannot apply styles to the whole story, as it would be in a book.

      And I cannot find any script that would do the trick for me, although it seems like something not very complicated...

      As a result I have to go through 100 pages one by one and move my mouse around from selecting text to the Paragraph Styles panel, then right click, then apply the styles, and then go to next page and repeat. This is REALLY frustrating...

      Any advises?