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    Glossary text not appearing

      We have a compiled HTML Help project that is having a major problem. Once the CHM file is compiled, it will open properly on the development machines with RH7 installed by double-clicking on the Help file. The CHM file opens on the contents section and contains a fully populated glossary tab.

      However, something strange happens when this same CHM file is moved to the Help folder for the application. When the Help file is accessed using F1, the file opens on the correct page for the chosen function or on Search screen (instead of the contents) and the glossary tab appears empty. If the CHM file is opened directly from the Help folder, the glossary tab has terms and definitions.

      HHActiveX.dll is indeed present and properly registered on my development machine. We recreated the same situation and results on another technical writer's machine (with a full RH7 setup) and on a programmer's computer (who had HHActiveX.dll properly registered).

      Any suggestions would be most welcome.

      Also, is there a 64-bit version of HHActiveX.dll?


      Kim N.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Kim.

          My guess is that there is something amiss with the application call to the help file. Can you get your developer to check this out and if possible post the API syntax here.
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            Kim_N. Level 1

            Thank you for the suggestion. I will talk to the developers and see what I can do.

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              Kim_N. Level 1
              Here is the code:

              WCHRP( tid.fullURL().unicode() ),
              NULL) ;
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                Pete Lees Level 2
                Hi, Kim,

                If I'm reading that API call correctly, it is using the HH_DISPLAY_TOPIC command to display the topic specified with the second parameter (tid.fullURL) in the default help window. Unlike some of the other HTML Help API commands, this command doesn't specify which of the navigation pane tabs to bring to the front, so the most recently-used one should always be displayed at start-up. If you switch from the Search tab to the Contents tab, close the help file and then retry the help call, is it the case that the Search tab is brought back to the front?

                The developers are using the Unicode version of the HTML Help API rather than the default ANSI version. Maybe that's a factor?

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                  Kim_N. Level 1

                  You are correct. When I opened the help file using F1, the empty Glossary tab was present. I clicked on the Contents pane and closed the file. I then reinvoked it using the F1 command from the application and the help file opened on the Contents pane.

                  I know we're using the unicode call because our help files are translated.

                  Any suggestion on why the Glossary pane would be empty when the help file is opened using F1 from within the application?

                  Is there a different API call that might work more effectively?

                  Thank you.

                  Kim N.