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    PC with two GPUs installed; AMD and nVidia


      Hi everyone


      I'm building a new home PC for 3D modelling and video/photograph editing.

      Mainly because of Cinema 4D, which I'm using, I've got to buy an ATi card, (great performance in viewport, even better than high end quadros)


      The problem will probably occur with using CUDA cores in CS6 - I want to install middle-end Fermi card (probably GTX 560-570), but all the displays will be still connected to the ati card.

      The question is; Will Adobe applications discover, that I've got nVidia card on my motherboard, and will they use CUDA acceleration?

      (I've heard, that Octane render or Iray discovers such a combinations)


      Really thanks for help in andvance (And sorry for my english)