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    Problem in hyper-linking two PDF's


      Hi everyone,


      I have two PDF files which i have created in indesign cs5. THe two pdf files are Theory-A.pdf and Theory-B.pdf. These files need to be interconnected as per the requirement of the client. I know that how to create the links in the PDF but here where I am stuck


      "The Theory-A naming pdf file has 4 pages and on 2nd page there is a link which i have created to link to the Theory-B pdf file. once i click on that it drives me to the 2nd PDF file which has only 1 page.  I have created the back link naming BACK TO THEORY-A in 2nd PDF but when i click on this link it opens up the 1st PDF file which is OK. But this opens the 1st page of the PDF and I want to open the 2nd page directly rather then going to 1st page.."


      please help me out in this...