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    arraycollection.source from callresponder is null !

    fabien M

      Hi all !


      I'm using an callresponder with flex 4.5 and AS3 to call a mysql base with zendframework from basic installation, and all it's responding well :


      I have some servicecall and the callresponder is returning an lastresult object that it's an arraycollection of my value object as is does.


      I can popullate an datagrid with the lastresult object and the value is ok....but :


      I want to filter this arraycollection that  i get from callresponder, but it's source is allway null. (if i debugg the app and looking for the value of the last result, i can  see all my object in it...but the lastresult.source is null.)


      What's that ??.....it's my arraycollection an other type of object ??? (but it's kniow as this type when  look to it) ...and how to filtered this arraycollection as the source is null ???


      Please, anyone can help me to find some solution ?


      Thank's a lot