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    Data Video HDR40 M2T file import issues any ideas?

    NMNHTV13 Level 1

      Since "upgrading" all of our video gear, I have been dealing with all sorts of quirks.


      I have a Datavideo HD/SD Recorder which only offers the option to creating M2T files (2 gigs in size or 6mins long) which then have to be merged using their software in order to playback smoothly as a one big file. (If they aren't merged I lose frames of video and the audio skips between files. This I found out already.)


      These files take a long time for premiere to load (if they load at all) and even worse is when I close a project they often don't reload.


      I clean the media cache and even that doesn't fix the issue.


      Prior to sending this post please note I have a had Premiere open loading a project for 30 minutes and still the files are either pending or offline.


      I even tried creating a new project and still the files won't load. Any thoughts???


      Datavideo suggests using "Mpeg Streamclip" so one can import into FCP, but Premiere supports M2T files so why am i having mport issues?