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    Please Help - Unexpected File Format


      Greetings to all of you. I have come here in a matter of absolute urgency to ask for help with a file corruption problem in flash. This, of course, is the "unexpected file format".


      In a nutshell, what has happened is as follows:


      A good friend has been working on a three-minute complex animation project for about a month in Flash CS4 Pro. Just recently, the HUD vanished as flash began to freeze. In attempts to save the file, flash crashed. When attempting access from then on, Flash displays the message "unexpected file format" and then crashes. The only other version of this file that exists is an entire month old, and it is most undesirable to use this one over trying to restore the corrupted version.


      I would like to note that, for the most part, we are not uneducated on the issue. We have tried the zip repair method among others - we've even opened up the FLA itself to find the corruption is in a 30 megabyte section titled "M 4", followed by some garbled numbers, if that helps at all. Additionally, the project is built on actionscript 2.0.


      We are running out of options, but we can NOT lose this entire month of hard work on a soon due project. I thank all of you in advance for any help with the issue you may be able to offer.