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    Removal of Photoshop CS6 Beta

    GerryS II

      I installed Photoshop CS6 Beta and I just removed it using the uninstaller under Applications/Utility/Adobe Installers/Adobe Photoshop uninstaller alias. I had to find it myself as the information on the Web is wrong. Obviously I am on a Mac (Lion 10.7.4), but now that it has been removed, I still have an Adobe Photoshop 6 Beta folder in Applications that was not removed. Do I just delete the folder or do I need to do something else? 


      I did find the Adobe Creative Cleaner Tool but I also have Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 installed.  Can I use the uninstaller tool and not damage the Elements installation?  I just want to be sure before I jump.  I do have a full, bootable backup of my installation just in case something goes wrong.


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          The information here about uninstalling is correct.

          And you should have just used the uninstaller alias inside the Photoshop folder.


          The unistaller should not touch or affect Elements.


          The beta folder name is the same as the release version (and should not have beta in the name) -- so you can just install the final version without making any additional changes.