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    Optimizing, How do I find my Bottleneck?

    tcclaviger Level 1

      I just started working with CS 5.5 again after rebuilding my workstation and I am having some speed problems. 


      The first film that I am trying to work with is 31 minutes long and the source files are uncompressed AVI fils, totalling 17GB worth of data. 


      In Premeire Pro 5.5 I have my scratch disks set to the C drive, a Mushkin Chronos Enhanced Deluxe 240GB, so a very fast SSD.  The output is also set to the same drive.  In looking in windows performance monitor during encoding the drive is barely working at all.


      The source data comes from 2x 1TB Western Digital Black drives in RAID 0, capable of 280 mb/s sustained read speed.  Performance monitor also shows them only doing a sustained read speed of 60mb/s during encodes, so there is headroom.


      The computer refuses to max CPU use, it floats from 30-60 percent.  Using H264 currently with custom 1080p settings 30fps, even my ram hardly gets stressed leaving about 8GB free during encodes.  Help me find what I need to feed the CPU fast enough to peg it at 100% during encodes please so I can minimize times!


      PC Specs:

      Sandy Bridge E i7 3820 @ 4.6GHZ

      16GB DDR 3 2133 CAS 9

      Rampage 4 Formula Motherboard

      2x Radeon 6870s in Crossfire

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          One thing that comes to mind is your drive setup.  Ideally you want nothing on the C: drive except Windows and programs.  That means you need to add another drive for Premiere Pro projects.  I'd also recommend adding a fourth for Exports.  And if you're feeling particularly flush, add a fifth for Previews and Media Cache.

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            tcclaviger Level 1

            So if I use the RAID array for source media.

            Use the SSD For output, windows is idle doing nothing during encodes, i have minimized any windows background activity through service tweaking.

            Use the previously unmentioned 750 Seagate drive for scratch and projects drive.


            That should help to alleviate the bottleneck if it is hard drive related right?


            The SSD is faster than the raid array by a very significant margin, 520mb/s read, 300mb/s write for sequential and randoms 4k are about 40 read 80 write.

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              At least at the time this article was written, using an SSD for frequent writes was a bad idea... http://forums.adobe.com/thread/902915?tstart=0


              Also, run the CS5 Benchmark http://ppbm5.com/ to see what needs to be optimized

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                First question is of course: Have you tuned your system? Turned off indexing and compression, removed hyberfil.sys, turned off the sidebar, aero, removed MSN, games and similar crap, turned off superfluous services, set a fixed pagefile on the raid, etc.


                First issue is that you are using your OS disk for reading the cache files and writing the output files, next to the OS requirements. That is a serious bottleneck. Second issue is the Radeon card, which does not support hardware MPE.

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                  lasvideo Level 4

                  Sorry to disagree Jim, but I have


                  1. Software, project files (only) and Caches on my system drive.


                  2. I have media on a raid 5 array that gets 750MB/sec read/ write performance


                  3. I export movies to a third drive.


                  I get exemplary performance on this system.


                  Early Mac Pro 2008 3,1

                  2 - 3. 4 Xeons

                  24 GB ram

                  Quadro 4000

                  Maxx Digital raid array (750MB/sec.)

                  Lion 10.7.4      

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                    tcclaviger Level 1

                    Yes extensively tuned.  It benchmarks in pretty much all benchmarks ahead of anything short of a multi-processor xeon system or 3930k-3960k both in synthetics and realworld benchmarks.


                    Just not sure on the Premiere speed, as I have not seen a metric to see if my quality settings are just so high that it is slow or if it is infact rendering slowly.


                    Is there a way to test via a standardized source file, projet, and output settings to verify that there IS infact a speed issue?

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                      tcclaviger Level 1

                      Problem solved... in a weird way.


                      Previously I was rendering using H64 with custom settings.


                      I changed to H264/Blueray and it rocks my CPU lol.  It also outputs much faster, about 14 minutes vs 2 hours.  The quality is pretty much the same.

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                        elijah206 Level 1



                        I am going to put in my own bottle neck here, my bottle neck of confusion. I am on the verge of building a PC that I will be utilizing for advanced video editing (all video media coming from Canon 5D mark IIs, and CS6) , and I am, utterly puzzled on what kind of configuration I need in terms of hard disks. I have chosen my CPU and MoBo – yet still confused on how to set the SSDs, and HDDs and/or raid configurations (which by the way I have never used RAID). My question to you is; what should I purchase for getting optimal performance out of my machine. ( i am wanting to spend around 1000 dollars total for all the SSDs and HHDs I need)


                        Please advise,