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    Premiere Pro CS6 - Project frame won't retain its layout or location between opening and closing?


      I filed this as a bug, but perhaps I'm thinking through this wrong and would like to seek help.


      I'm finding that the Project frame in Premiere Pro CS6 does not retain its layout between opening and closings.


      Here's what I do:


      1) Open a project.

      2) Create several bins and populate them with media. Expand the contents of a bin by clicking the disclosure triangle to the left of the folder.

      3) Undock the Project frame only.

      4) Close the Project frame with Command-W

      5) Use ****-1 to reopen the Project frame.


      Repeat steps 4 and 5. The result is that the Project frame does not remember which bin was open. Furstratingly, it also does not retain which bins were expanded or collapsed.


      And worst of all, it will also open in random areas of the screen. (The expected result is that it would reopen in the same spot of the desktop where you last closed it, no?)


      I'm a big organizer -- tons of footage across many different bins. I open bins, close them, keep some open, close others... easily dozens or hundreds of times during an edit session. I'm beginnging to feel like I'm swatting flies or playing whack-a-mole just to get my bin views correct!


      Or mm I approaching this wrong?