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    iTomic e-reader gives error message when trying to register DRM


      iTomic e-reader model IEBR7C  AH Version:GH321  Adobe Reader Version: 9.1.28890   2010.  when sending my Adobe ID via WiFi at Starbucks in order to "Register DRM," I get a certificate syntax error, what does this mean, how can I fix this so we can at least read the pre-installed e-books? Any suggestions appreciated! Thank you. P.S. The manufacturer is nowhere to be found, and Walmart wants to replace or refund, I would like to just make it work, I imagine it's my error and a replacement wont help.

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          There are a couple of things you talk about here.  One is the Adobe

          software and one is the ereader.


          For the software, don't confuse Adobe Reader with Adobe Digital Editions.

          They're very separate products, and Reader does not work with ebooks in

          Digital Editions format.  So, are you talking about Reader or Digital

          Editions?  Your ereader and its instructions should tell you which one.


          Also, when you talk about 'registering DRM', that's not what happens.

          'DRM' stands for Digital Rights Management, and it's not software.  It's

          the way that a publisher, distributor or library restrict the use of an

          ebook - and you don't register for it because it's a set of attributes

          built into ebooks themselves, not Reader or Digital Editions.


          Next, the ereader that you mention is not supported by Digital Editions, so

          even if you get it registered, it's very likely that you won't be able to

          interact with Digital Editions.  THIS

          LINK<http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices> will

          take you to the Adobe Digital Editions webpage that lists those ereaders

          and other devices that are supported.  Many off-brand manufacturers promise

          that their ereader will work with Adobe software, but in the real world,

          they don't.


          Getting to the preloaded ebooks on your ereader should not involve

          registering with Adobe, but it probably does involve registering with the

          manufacturer's website.  You may be able to do that from the ereader

          wirelessly, but you'll have to go to THEIR website, not to Adobe's.  Check

          the 'user's guide' that came with your ereader for directions.


          Hope this helps!



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            I am having the same problem with my daughter's new iTomic E reader, can't register DRM which means can't read any of the books she wants to download. All the manual says is to go register for an adobe digital edition account then use that id and password as your DRM register. What I really don't get is that it really does work for some people even though its not on Adobes list! And of course the company is out of business so you can't get any help at all!