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    Premiere Pro CS6 unable to open CS5 projects


      I am a full annual member of Creative Cloud.  Premiere Pro CS6 is unable to load CS5 projects.


      What's wrong?

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Moving post to Premiere Pro forum.



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            Jon-M-Spear Level 4



            Isn't that where we are?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              It is now, but the OP was probably posted to Installation/Download, or similar. That happens quite often, and the MOD's there (and in some other forums), will try to Move the post to the appropriate forum, if there are no installation, or download issues.


              Wish that I could help the OP, but know zero about the Adobe Creative Cloud.



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                David__B Adobe Employee

                Bill is correct, the issue that JQuentin described was posted in the Creative Cloud forum but didn't seem Creative Cloud specific so I moved it here for help from the Premiere Pro online community. My understanding of the issue was that JQuentin was unable to open a project created in Premiere Pro CS5 after upgrading to Premiere Pro CS6. JQuentin please correct me if my understanding is wrong.


                My thoughts or suggestions around the issue:


                - Make sure Premiere Pro CS6 is up to date using Help > Updates

                - Create a copy of the Premiere Pro CS5 project from Premiere Pro CS5 using the Project Manager, Project > Project Manager, create a copy of the project using the Collect files and copy to a new location option (be sure to target a drive with ample space)

                - Ensure the copy opens in Premiere Pro CS5 and then try this copy in Premiere Pro CS6


                - Are you getting errors when you attempt to open the project? More detail about how it is failing could be helpful


                - It might be possible to export out a single clip of whatever editing you have completed in Premiere Pro CS5 and just import this into Premiere Pro CS6 (Match Sequence Settings on Export) and then pick up where you left off


                - Are there third party plug-ins or effects in Premiere Pro CS5 that were installed that were not natively included? Are you using any kind of third party capture card AJA/BlackMagic etc.?


                - Worse case scenario, if its just a single project you could finish it in Premiere Pro CS5, usually not required but always an option...


                Those are my thoughts/suggestions