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    cs3 project to 5.5 problem, help desperately needed!




      I've recently transfered to cs5.5 and built a whole new computer set up, i had previously been working with cs3, and had a large unfinished project i was going to finish with cs5.5 and the new machine.


      I opened the project, linked all the files. 


      To my horror i found that all the edits i had made were now completely wrong.  The clip lengths in the timeline were the right length but had used different sections of the main video. 


      The film was shot on HDV and imported as mpeg2. 


      I've tried re-encoding the footage and reimporting it/replacing it.  Deleting the xmp file so it reconforms/indexes it.  Reimporting the whole project into a new one.  I've tried earlier versions of the project, loading the project from an external HD.  I even tried installing cs3 on my new machine. 


      I captured many tapes, it seems like it is just one of the captures which is causing me hassle. 


      Any suggestions on how i can fix this will be greatly appreciated!!!