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    How can I import clips as HD from my Canon FS300

    kjhart0133 Level 1

      Hello all:


      Newbie here.  I am using Premier Pro CS 5.5 and a Canon FS300 camcorder.  The camcorder generates .MOD files that I can successfully import to PrPro.  The .MOD files are HD 1440x1080 and when I look at them on VLC they appear as HD clips.  After importing to PrPro, however, they look to be 4:3 aspect ratio and kind of squashed horizontally.  When I create a new sequence I select HD>HDV 1080i or one of the other HD selections -- it doesn't seem to matter.


      Is there a way to import my clips from the camera's SD card such that I get HD format in the Source panel?




      Kevin H.