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    Re Premiere Media Encoder


      Appears Adobe left out the "FLV1" (Sorenson Spark) which uses a a different compression to the Standard Flash FLV format!! Colins reply certainly brings this situation home, BUT as to whether its a 64 Bit issue I'm not so Sure! My Understanding (Sorry This is my 1st attempt at Movie Making and I'm Starting out with Prem Pro CS6) is the FLV1 format is a OLD 32 bit Compression Format.


      I followed up on a Number of the above replies and found that the Moyea Importer Makes No mention of CS5 or CS6, so this solution as a add on Probably won't work!!


      As for chasing down the FLV1 Sorenson Spark Codec and how to Install it on Windows 7 Pro, I'm still at a loss!! Also, the FFmpeg Solution

      could be a solution BUT yet a gain requires a number of step's to convert it! I have a good 300 - 400 Gb of flv clips, so an integrated solution would be Nice!!


      Does anyone know of an Integrated Plugin which would allow the Import of .flv (Sorensen Spark) format??


      Meantime all the above has been very informative and very helpful - Thanks to ALL!