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    Warp Stabilizer in Premiere CS6 is excellent

    Royhessey Level 1

      I shot some video from a helicopter over Iguassu Falls in South America recently.  The clips were unuseable UNTIL

      CS6 came along with Warp Stabilizer.



      The link below shows how effextive the Stabilizer effect is.




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          shooternz Level 6

          Great example and post.


          What an amazing place and glad you saved the shot with the warp stabiliser.


          I also have an example of how effective it is but camera stability was nothing quite as extreme as yours except it had  fast flowing river rapids  in it.  I thought that WArp Stabilser would bnever get a fix on the scene due to the rapids  but it did so perfectly.


          Blew me and my colleagues  away!

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            Royhessey Level 1

            Thanks for you comments. Cam shake is a big devil for us amateurs. I have upgraded from a large Sony FX1 to a tiny tiny Panasonic TM700

            and have major problems shooting hand held without shake, even though the cam has a good stablizer.


            It is just that the cam is so tiny. So now I use a little "mealeable" tripod, 2 arms are my handle and the third arm dug into my tummy.

            Really should use a full tripod, but how inconvenient when travelling.


            Then I look at all the fellow travellers who are not into the hobby like I am. Some poor audience????



            Now I have the CS6 Premiere Warp Stablizer.  but but lots of changes to the Premiere workspace, especially the timeling area.

            Do not know if I like the changes YET!! We shall see.


            Thanks againTripod.jpg