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    Adobe Flex 4.6 Multiple operations with same WebService object

    Purushotham Nayak

      Hi All,


      I have WebService in my flex application that supports multiple operations. I'm trying to use the same webservice instance for these operations.  But as soon as I use a different operation I get a failure back from the server. On inspecting in the network monitor I see that the SoapAction HTTP Header never got updated to the one required by the second operation. According to adobe docs this should be possible but doesn't seem to be working for me. My code is below. If anyone can point out the solution it would be greatly helpful.


          // main.mxml


          public var ws:WebService;

          public var op1:CallResponder = new CallResonder();

          public var op2:CallResponder = new CallResonder();



          // triggered on creationComplete Event

          public function initWebsvc()


              ws = new WebService();




          protected function submit_ClickEventHandler(event:MouseEvent):void


              op1.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, op1_resultHandler);

              op1.token = ws.operation1();



          protected function op1_resultHandler(event:ResultEvent):void


              op2.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, op2_resultHandler);

              op2.token = ws.operation2();  // This fails



          protected function op2_resultHandler(event:ResultEvent):void