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        BGPictures Level 1

        Anyone with my config or similar have any success in avoiding these crashes? Tech support had me create a new user. This did not work.

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          RBemendo Level 1

          @Benjamin Goldman, Unfortunately I can't help, but there are a lot  of us in this same situation.  Please follow and post to this thread http://forums.adobe.com/message/4522741#4522741 , we currently have 6,800 views and 143 postings, hopefully the more attention we bring to this thread the quicker a fix will be made.

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            BGPictures Level 1

            Thanks very much RBemendo. Will do.

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              benwinter Level 2


              The AudioPrefetch.cpp line 87 error has to do with Premiere rendering the waveform previews of audio tracks, in my situation it was clips whose speed or duration had been changed or reinterpreted. I believe it's unrelated to this thread's particular "serious error" issue (might be related though? Only Adobe knows), as I had this issue repeatedly in CS5, where it would cause it to crash. In CS5.5 the error was still there but you could dismiss the dialog and keep Ppro open, no crash. CS6 I have yet to see the error at all. Sorry to see it hasn't been completely addressed.


              It costs you the waveform visualization, but you can stop the error from happening by keeping all audio tracks collapsed (triangle to the side) or by selecting Show Name Only instead of Show Waveform using the Set Display Style selector.


              Screen Shot 2012-06-26 at 6.37.35 PM.jpg


              In CS5 and 5.5 the error dialog still allowed me to use Ppro if I hid it off in a corner and kept working. So to save a 'corrupted' project file, I would open it up, switch all the audio tracks to Name Only, save, then quit and close the warning box. If it doesn't allow you to do that, import the old project into a new project file and close up those audio tracks.


              Here's a live thread on the problem.


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                BGPictures Level 1

                Ben -- Thanks so much for your reply. It's great to know that line 87 is an annoying error, but not one that will cause my project to become unusable down the line.


                On the "serious error" and kernal panic front, after setting Project Settings to Mercury Playback Engine Software Only -- so far, the line 87 error is the only one to come up. I haven't had a "serious error" or a Kernel Panic.


                Next step is to start using warp stabilizer and dynamic link with AE to see if this causes a serious error or kernel panic. My hunch is that though Adobe reccomends the Nvidia Quadro 4000 Mac with CS6, that there is some problem with the way Adobe, Nvidia and/or Mac OS are seeing the card.


                Thanks again,



                Just read that you don't have a Cuda card... Back to the drawing board


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                  benwinter Level 2

                  To be clear, I do have a CUDA card installed on my system but it's not utilized by Premiere/Mercury engine because the memory is too small (512MB I think) so I am stuck on software mode only. ATI Radeon HD 3770 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 120.

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                    BGPictures Level 1

                    I have been able to avoid "serious error" and kernel panic for the last two days by doing the following (not sure which steps are essential):


                    1. Creating a new admin user.

                    2. Setting PrP to use CPU instead of CPU

                    3. Ignore "...line 87" error by moving the dialog out of the way; obsessibly click it if I need to read the audio waveforms.


                    Yes my spendy Nvidia Quadro 4000 Mac is dormant, and red render lines abound, but PrP has never been so responsive. Exports do seem to take much longer, but I haven't timed them.


                    Next steps:


                    1. Boot from external Lion FW drive

                    2. Erase/Instal Lion.

                    3. Update to 10.7.4

                    4. Make sure I have latest CUDA

                    5. Fresh instal CS 6 Production Premium

                    6. See if I can use PrP with GPU instead of CPU

                    7. Instal and check after each step: GoPro CinePro codec, FCP, Mocha, etc.

                    8. Post results


                    CD 6 Production Premium  Main System: Mac OS 10.7.4 | MacPro5,1 | 32 GB Ram | PROJECT & MEDIA drive: Mercury Accelsior. Blackmagic Disk Speed Test: > 500 MB/s read/write | CACHE drive: Internal SATA Raid 0. Blackmagic Disk Speed Test: > 400 MB/s read/write | Nvidia Quadro 4000 Mac | CUDA Driver Version: 4.2.10 | GPU Driver Version: (270.00.00f06) | Cineform codec installed for access to GoPro footage |


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                      BGPictures Level 1

                      Regarding Mac Pro5,1: I  had a  very stable FCP, AE, PS CS5/6 station since mid-2010 (from 10.6 to 10.7.4). I updated software/repaired permissions regularly. I used Permission Manager, SuperDuper, and DiskWarrior to keep my ducks in a row. (see config below)


                      Unhappy with Apple's commitment to FCP/Pro users, I geared up for switching from FCP to PrP, specifically, I added a Nvidia Quadro 4000 Mac (which seemed like the most powerful card Adobe was recommending to take advantage of CS6 improvements). I also added a fast cache volume.


                      I decided to learn PrP by editing a DSLR project with it. (No recompress of h.264? Awesome!!, I thought). Though I had the latest Cuda drivers and Mac & Adobe updates, the day I started using PrP to  edit, I got kernel panics, serious errors, and what I would later learn is a harmless/annoying line 87 error. (Thanks @benwinter!)


                      Phone calls with Adobe tech support: escalated to a higher tier. An employee who shall be referred to as "V" told me to try creating a new Admin account, and to email him the results. The results were: "serious error" in the first few minutes of use. I sent the update to V along with my crash report. He has not yet responded but has (or has allowed the system to) mark my case #0183359996 as "withdrawn" for some reason. But I digress! I have great news, keep reading!


                      @Jim Simon asked if I had tried simply wiping/rebuilding my system. I didn't have time in the middle of the project (and why would I have to wipe/rebuild a highly functional box?? Was this a wild goose chase??? What's the deal?? I'm on a deadline, waa waa!) I hobbled through the project by turning rendering from GPU to CPU, quitting PrP after it sent anything to another program, and incessantly clicking the error 87 dialogue until it disappeared for a while.


                      But as soon as my project was finished, I wiped/rebuilt my system. ALL CLEAR SO FAR! Thanks Jim!


                      My next steps are to back up my functional system and begin adding all of the things I need to really use it: Wacom diver, Epson Expression 10000 XL driver, GoPro CinePro codec etc...


                      In the age of the App Store, Apple makes a fresh install tricky. I have listed the obsessive steps I took to create a fully-fresh&functional edit system that dynamically links to AE and AU the way I always hoped it would. I will definitely update this post if I encounter  kernel panics and serious errors as I incorporate the rest of my programs/peripherals.




                      1. Download Lion (again) from App Store and make a bootable install disc on an external FW drive using these fantastic instructions:

                      http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13727_7-20080989-263/how-to-create-an-os- x-lion-installation-disc/


                      2. Boot from FW; Erase my system drive; Install 10.7; (note: no migration, no time machine, just a fresh install) restart


                      3. Upgrade to 10.7.4; restart


                      4. Download/instal latest Mac Cuda driver (4.2.10)

                      http://www.nvidia.com/object/cuda-mac-driver.html; restart


                      5. Give Admin Automatic login; un-require password for sleep and screensaver


                      6. Instal CS6: PrP, AE, AU, PS, AI, FL; I did NOT launch any of the applications.


                      7. Launched AAM Updates Notifier; downloaded/installed all updates; restart


                      8. Launched PrP; it asked me to (click to) install Java Runtime; I complied; PrP downloaded Java, installed it, then launched.


                      9. I made a new project:


                      10. General tab: I left everything as is -- Renderer is set to the default "Mercury playback...GPU" (come on Quadro 4000, I'm rooting for you!!);


                      11. Scratch Disc tab: I set all capture/cache directories to a folder within my dedicated CACHE volume; I set the proj file directory to a folder on my dedicated project and media drive.


                      12. Sequence Preset: DSLR 720p24 @23.976


                      13. It took five seconds to load the interface, so I quit and relaunched; much snappier results on the second launch.


                      14. Edited a project with various h.264s from Canon 5D & Canon 7D; no problem, works great!


                      15. Made a 1080p24 sequence. Warp stabilize a shaky shot in that? No problem! Load the result into my 720p24 sequence? Sure! I'll even "Scale to Frame Size" (NOTE: Though i love the one-stop scale feature -- I've notice a bug or bizarre interface choice at this point: I have 1080p footage in a 720p sequence, I can see the whole frame but  the footage shows a scale of 100% in its effects control; the correct value is about 66.7%)


                      16. Highlighted all clips in sequence and initiated "Replace with After Effects Sequence"; It launched AE


                      17. AE Prefs; I left everything the same except -- I set all of my caches to a folder on my designated Cache drive. (Note: I point all disposable Adobe data to a folder called "CACHEs" in every App that gives me the choice on where to save temp stuff. Along with preferences, this folder gets emptied/trashed when things run-amok.)


                      18. Rotated, scaled, masked, vignetted and otherwise jacked around with footage in AE; was astounded to see near-instant update in PrP. Some clips had poor playback on first drag-through, but very quickly cached themselves and suddenly I was living the dream: not rendering in AE :)))


                      19. Sent sequence audio to AU; changed temp directory to designated cache volume/folder; it told me changes would take place after I restarted App, so I restarted and re-opened the XML PrP had previously sent to AU.


                      20. EQed and sent back to PrP; no problem!


                      21. Went back into AE; turned on raytracing, added some lights, shadows, bending... back in PrP things were a bit more sluggish on that clip as expected. (About the same as dragging through the AE timeline ) Rendered in PrP... Heard the Quadro fan kick in... Green lines, good playback...


                      CS 6 Production Premium | Mac OS 10.7.4 | MacPro5,1 | 32 GB Ram | PROJECT & MEDIA drive: Mercury Accelsior. Blackmagic Disk Speed Test: > 500 MB/s read/write | CACHE drive: Internal SATA Raid 0. Blackmagic Disk Speed Test: > 400 MB/s read/write | Nvidia Quadro 4000 Mac | CUDA Driver Version: 4.2.10 | GPU Driver Version: (270.00.00f06) |

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                        ColbyFulton Level 1

                        Mine's crashing everytime I switch out of After Effects. I can't get back in, it's crashed. Have to restart AFX everytime. I have a feeling it has to do with the fonts? If I'm working with type I have problems. I am in 10.6.8, not sure if that's an issue.

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                          Tony Pfau Level 1

                          I too have been having incessant kernel panic crashes in PremierePro CS6.  AfterEffects and other production apps are pretty solid, just Premiere that is problematic. I've been thinking it was having issues with scaling or files with alpha channels ie. both 4444 and animation, but, it appears to be anything and sometimes nothing.   I've tried turning off the CPU acceleration and it appears more stable then, but still on edge with everything I do.  I'd like to focus on the edit instead of saving after every click awaiting the crash.


                          I've run into issues on CS5.5 where I've used the dynamic link for MediaEncoder, then the file takes a month of Sunday's to save, so now I just duplicate the file to bring into AME.


                          Back to PPO CS6 I've done all the stuff, repaired permissions, reinstalled, monitor, no monitor, completely out of anything I can do on this end except, now creating a snow leopard partition  and moving program to that see if I can just get through a small edit running from that with the hardware accelleration off.


                          Dear Adobe, I hope you will address this issue.  It is making many of us macbookpro users absolutely crazy.  It is quadrupling the time I need to spend working on student stuff and instruction.




                          MacbookPro 2011 I7 2.0 Ghz - Lion 10.7.4 | 16gb ram - AMD 6750m - Lacie 4tb Thunderbolt Raid- CS6 Production Premium connected to external HDMI monitor.

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                            Tony Pfau Level 1

                            update- spent all day yesterday partitioning a snow leopard partition and moving, reinstalling CS6 on snow- so far, only crashed with project file from lion and trying to get my plug-ins moved.  .  I imported one of the sequences from the project started in Lion into a new PPO project, same cache and database settings.  So far, been rendering for over an hour without a system crash. 


                            Had plug in issues that I got worked out, but so far so good. MB Quicklooks sinks the program unless the plugin is in it's folder.


                            I've searched everywhere, but seems like the bad mix seems to be that Lion and the 6750m using accelleration, which was allegedly addressed in 10.7.4 and PPO 6.01 but, that's not my experience. Guaging from the lack of posts I could find, It felt like I was the only one suffering from the kernel crashing, so maybe I'm not the only one., The program crashed on Lion without MPE being accellerated so who knows.  I just needed to get back to working instead of restarting. It sure would be nice to see what the OpenCL actually does for more than a few minutes, like maybe all the way through an edit and render.  Hopefully we can get updates from both Apple and Adobe.


                            And, off topic, those big thick cursors are making me crazy, not switching to my select tool, would be nice if they'd give us the CS5.5 option for the cursor.


                            MacbookPro 2011 I7 2.0 Ghz - Lion 10.7.4 | 16gb ram - AMD 6750m - Lacie 4tb Thunderbolt Raid- CS6 Production Premium connected to external HDMI monitor.

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                              ClaxtonCreative Level 1

                              I've been getting help from Tier 2 tech support, but alas, even after systems checks, mem tests, etc. the problems persist. 


                              Here's a blog post I just did on my four kernel crashes from yesterday and one already today.  My issues tend to be with using images I've brought in from PSD as .pngs. 


                              I also have had crash problems on Export straight from PR. 



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                                johnmangino Level 1

                                I am also having this problem. Premiere would crash in the middle of the most mundane things. A ripple edit. Moving a clip down the timeline. Adjusting volume on the waveform. It crashed so many times that now the entire MBP is locking up when I try to open Premiere. Completely locking up. Hard power-button reboot needed.


                                This is CS6, on a MacBook Pro mid-2012.


                                I've uninstalled PrP and will try reinstalling and see if that helps.


                                I think all the sessions have been corrupted though.

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                                  Paul van Dinther Level 1

                                  No solutions to offer. Another "me too" post.


                                  Radeon 9750 card, Windows 7 64 bit with 8 Gig of ddr3. Probably due to the work I am trying to achieve. In my case the crashes are severe. Full blown Blue screen of death and every once in a while also a simple application crash.

                                  It seems to happen when I import a bunch of wmv video files into the project. Some thumbnails change to black and while and are suddenly displayed upside down similar to this thread ( http://forums.adobe.com/message/4611938#4611938 ). Once I get the black and white, I know we are about to explode and sure enough seconds later the mouse stops moving and the blue screen of death appears accompanied by a series of expletives from the operator.


                                  This morning I went out and bought another 8 gig of ram increasing the total to 16 gig, hoping this would solve my issue. It is eary days but this seems at least to reduce the number of crashes to only a few crashes per hour I feel I can actually do a little work using PP CS6. I really need to hear Adbobe respond to these cries for help. The subscription to the software is a good deal but the hours I lose trying to do work cost a lot more.


                                  I hear CS5 is much more stable. I would be happy to be given access to CS5 as productivity is more important to me then running the latest buggy code.

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                                    josephs51576386 Level 3

                                    Have you tried removing the original RAM you had? Then using just the new RAM you just purchased by itself for awhile. The fact it crashes less with the new RAM makes me question if some sort of memory error was occuring and now that there is more RAM there it has started occuring with less frequency.

                                    It's worth a shot anyways

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                                      Paul van Dinther Level 1

                                      Thanks for the suggestion. After some more time trying to work with PP I find the number of crashes is the same. It is just I get more done because it is a bit quicker. I did try what you suggested but it made no difference.


                                      In my case, the crashes only occur when I work in the project panel. Crashes occur mainly when I move the mouse over the thumbnails "Hover scrub" although not exclusivly. However, all crashes seem related to activity in the project library window (Is that the right word?)


                                      For the last few hours I disabled my other two monitors in windows and work exclusively on a single screen. So far no blue screen although hover scrub still causes the graphics driver to crash but this time Windows caught it and even balloon notified me. I looked up the event: "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered."


                                      After it recovered PP would respond again. Needles to say that working on a single screen using PP is painful.

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                                        Paul van Dinther Level 1

                                        Work around solution


                                        Ok, Adobe, pay attention this is important.


                                        Because my driver crashes happened when interacting with the project panel I suspected the hover scrub was the culprit of my blue screen crashes. After all, it rendered incorrectly when the icons are small and sometimes the thumbnail would go black and while and upside down. So I changed the default view for this panel from Icon to List view so hover scrub would not kick in.


                                        Re-enabled all my screens and I have been working since without any crashes at all. So there is a good chance the bug is caused by the new hover scrub feature. It is a pity I can't turn that off because I still like the icons to my resources in icon view. But at least I can work. I look forward to a fix now.


                                        I will report again here if a blue screen crash occurs again.

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                                          Jim_Simon Level 9

                                          You can turn Hover Scrub off in the flyout menu.

                                          • 58. Re: Premiere Pro CS6 Constantly Crashing
                                            Paul van Dinther Level 1

                                            Great tip. Thanks Jim. I be first doing some more tests with Hover scrub turned on as discussed here. http://forums.adobe.com/message/4637862#4637862

                                            The two threads are related in my case.

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                                              MigrationMedia Level 1

                                              Did you ever find a solution?? I am having the exact trouble with a serious error. I can not even open the program to work on my projects.... and the technitions can not find a solution. I need help!

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                                                JohnnyGuitar1 Level 1

                                                Just a general response here.  I have two Mac Computers with loads of RAM and power, both crashing every time I use Premiere Pro CS6 with the latest updates. I am only using DV footage so it should be easy to use.  Has problems even trying to capture from my editing deck(JVC-BR600UA and it is fully cleaned and set up):  one has to go back and forth with the play and record buttons before it actually caputres anything.  And while editing or viewing footage that is finally captured, it will crash...no effects, no power-hogging reasons...just crashing. Reminds me of when I used Premiere back in the 90's with a Media 100 card and a very expensive RAID system...very buggy.  When Final Cut Pro came out, I switched over and couldn't believe how wonderful it was.  When it met it's death after Final Cut Studio 3 and all the raves about how much better Adobe Creative Suite has gotten, I bought into the Cloud and got the whole shabang. What a sucker I was.  I have people asking me which editing software they should get for their Macs and I will tell them this:  stay away from Adobe.  They can't even handle DV...how are they going to handle HD?  It is junk and they must hire the cheapest of labor to wrtie the programs. Reading what others have written about using their programs leads me to believe there will probably be a class-action suit against Adobe.


                                                Hey, iMovie blows the doors off their stuff and it's free.

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                                                  ocube Level 1

                                                  I have a suspicion its to do with Dropbox and timemachine, when I stop both from running I hardly ever get crashes. I have a feeling it has to do with Premiere writing files to disk. Like I said it is a suspicion as I have done everything possible short of buying a new MacBook including calling Adobe support and re-installing Premiere Pro

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                                                    bbb_999 Adobe Employee

                                                    JohnnyGuitar1, sorry you're having troubles, but without any specifics, it's impossible to diagnose the issues you're seeing. 


                                                    Saying PPro crashes "all the time" doesn't help; specific steps to reproduce the behavior, might.


                                                    PPro can certainly handle DV, Arri, R3D, and 4k workflows, without issue, as many professional users can attest.


                                                    I'm glad iMovie works for your productions.

                                                    • 63. Re: Premiere Pro CS6 Constantly Crashing
                                                      bbb_999 Adobe Employee

                                                      ocube, I haven't worked on a project stored in my dropbox folder, but I run Dropbox and Time Machine all the time, without issue.


                                                      If you can provide specific steps to reliably reproduce a crash, please do so using the form, and the team will have a look:



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                                                        gigi minor Level 1

                                                        Hi Wil,


                                                        I am getting constant crashes when I try to initiate a capture in Premiere 6.0.5. I'm on a MBP, 10.7.5, Radeon driver 01.00.573.


                                                        I'm capturing from a Canon HV30. The system doesn't seem to generating log reports from these crashes.


                                                        Any advice would be aprreciated!





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                                                          dphawkins34 Level 1

                                                          I am also suddenly encountering these serious errors. For me it only happens when I add jpegs to my timeline. When I delete the images I can edit fine again. I think I'll try editing my text/images in AE then importing as a video into PP.

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                                                            MarkWeiss Level 1

                                                            The first time it crashed for me was when I hit the 'cancel' button while it was indexing media files. It just 'went away' without so much as a crash report dialog. Other than that, been pretty stable on older hardware. (2008),

                                                            • 67. Re: Premiere Pro CS6 Constantly Crashing
                                                              MarkWeiss Level 1

                                                              I've not imported HDV in years, but this evening I tried to open several HDV clips, one at a time, and after the file imports and indexes, Windows 7 64 freezes. I mean the mouse pointer, keyboard--everything. Just like Windows 3.0 would freeze. I've never hung Windows 7 before, and I've been using it for years. This is a first. I guess CS6 no longer supports HDV.

                                                              • 68. Re: Premiere Pro CS6 Constantly Crashing
                                                                comms1i91750353 Level 1

                                                                It's the same for me it has crashed twice now after a couple of minutes of working on it and I have 16GB tam new macbook. Where is the problem?

                                                                • 69. Re: Premiere Pro CS6 Constantly Crashing
                                                                  MarkWeiss Level 1

                                                                  I traced the problem to the fact that I forgot to copy the HDV clips from the USB drive to the internal SATA drive. After I did that, there were no further crashes. Apparently Premiere cannot open files that are on USB drives.

                                                                  • 70. Re: Premiere Pro CS6 Constantly Crashing
                                                                    Design-Kink Level 1

                                                                    My Premier crashes a lot, sometimes just opening it, on a new MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) with OSX 10.10.3


                                                                    I don't know why Adobe asks you to submit a crash report, I gave up after the first 100 crashes or so because I never heard from them, they don't seem interested in helping the customers they charge good money for software that constantly crashes.


                                                                    I have seen people have more luck running stable pirate software.


                                                                    Today is a pretty standard day for me, edit a video on Premier, crash repeatedly, get too scared to even play a sequence to avoid a crash, watch a previously rendered video in VLC just so I know where to go to make some edits and render it out & hope for the best. sigh.

                                                                    • 71. Re: Premiere Pro CS6 Constantly Crashing
                                                                      ColbyFulton Level 1

                                                                      Yeah i'm scared to use Premiere for serious projects, it totally failed me on a simple test project. Adobe Dreamweaver is a mess and Indesign crashes like a mo'fo. I know programming isn't easy but these programs have been around for several years, you'd think they'd eventually iron out the bugs.

                                                                      • 72. Re: Premiere Pro CS6 Constantly Crashing
                                                                        Design-Kink Level 1

                                                                        UPDATE, Adobe help desk fixed my problem remotely. It was my user error, I had the wrong Rendering engine selected and I had my Memory allocation set up wrong, it seems to be working much better now, I should have contacted the help desk sooner. The help desk person was called Ankit Rathi and he was fast and helpful using the desktop chat app.

                                                                        • 73. Re: Premiere Pro CS6 Constantly Crashing
                                                                          MarkWeiss Level 1

                                                                          If you think Premier crashes a lot, you should try DaVinci Resolve Lite. Can't do a single thing in that program before it crashes. I'm looking at Adobe alternatives because my new PXW-FS7 shoots in a CODEC CS6 doesn't understand. Adobe stuff is pretty stable.

                                                                          • 74. Re: Premiere Pro CS6 Constantly Crashing
                                                                            miam2762605 Level 1

                                                                            I am having the same problem - although it occurs as soon as I open the program and click on a clip? I use iMac (Late 2014) Yosemite processor

                                                                            I am installing the adobe updates now...

                                                                            • 75. Re: Premiere Pro CS6 Constantly Crashing
                                                                              HarleyTDavis Level 3

                                                                              I've noticed that processes with the same name or process id tend to crash on both win and mac systems lately when multiple instances are called from "protected" memory.  It's a virus protection mechanism that prevents filling memory with random data to overflow it.  I've seen duplicates of dynamic link engine show up on mac in activity monitor.  When they have similar id-tags or similar memory counts, crash.  I've seen some other programs do the same.  There has to be a problem with the way the memory is being handled, or the way the program asks for memory from the system.

                                                                              I am starting to think that SAAS is not the way to go for operating systems... ...Back when you had to sell the product in a solid form, you had to provide quality, now all you have to do is reply with a, "keep your subscription current, as we're working on a repair for this in an update," while you leave them hanging until you rewrite the whole GUI before you even get to the main problem.  With a hard product, you've bought something with embedded information in a hard copy form that can be tested and retested in legal form, and then you have recourse.  With SAAS, you "Digitally" sign a document handing over everything but your first born child, then you get hassled, and when you imply legal action for failure to service, they throw it all back at you and say they never agreed to any kind of service.  Ultimately you're at the mercy of what they call a "Reasonable update schedule", which basically means you pay for the service, then they choose when you get any.

                                                                              With CS6 I'm starting to wonder also if recent updates didn't build in a few bugs in order to force the upgrade to CC, another SAAS model.  I don't like SAAS, I like the software I was already doing well with.  I don't mind end of life for updates, as long as you provide the list of file format compatibility, so I can make proper arrangements with my encoders.  That's no issue.  Ingesting is always a first step.  Love the software, but hate CC SAAS.  IT's buggy, and reworking it over and over to remove a bug on one system while not creating one on another system is tough enough without having to make sure that the Web function is built.

                                                                              • 76. Re: Premiere Pro CS6 Constantly Crashing
                                                                                jordanc13347886 Level 1

                                                                                I have the same problem. It always seems to crash at the most inopportune times and then you lose everything you'd worked on. For me it crashes when I copy and paste multiple clips on the timeline.

                                                                                • 77. Re: Premiere Pro CS6 Constantly Crashing
                                                                                  HarleyTDavis Level 3

                                                                                  This problem seems only to occur on mac systems running 10.8 and above.  Some 10.8 systems don't crash, they simply freeze until you close all instances of media encoder from the process monitor.  Some actually work, and the only real difference is that they are running the programs in 32bit mode, with a hack-rosetta install.  CS6 must look for the instance of the encoder by a 32bit call, perhaps in the old style, that isn't compatible with the new software.  Where's Steve?  Rolling in his grave while his ghost is upstairs jumping up and down and screaming down "Somebody shoot these morons they put in charge of my company!  I'll get you a nice place up here if you just stop the madness!"  He wouldn't have stood for grabbing at a strict 64 bit kernel without some backward compatibility.  10.8 and above, you're stuck with one clip at a time, and you're probably going to get a few crashes besides.  Check your systems process monitor (Activity monitor).  Some premiere resources and AME resources show up twice as different processes that stop responding.  With a single instance, everything runs smooth.  But they cannot find each other in memory, so multiple clip types will call different instances, and multiple clips of similar type will probably do the same.

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